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Recently I’m more into making money with freelance stuff, especially with freelance article writing jobs. There are so many advantages of choosing this method over other work home home opportunities. You see, there are more people, who can write great articles, then descent designers or programmers, that’s why this type of freelance work is pretty easy to start with (even if you are a make money online newbie).

Other advantages of making money writing articles – is that you can write articles and retype them on your own blog and use them as a promotion materials, if your work is not sold. Other then that, you can also create a portfolio and show off your work.

Constant - Content is like Associated Content, so basically get paid for running your own blog or just submit articles to You will be paid for every article you write and submit you their directory. is like an article marketplace, you submit articles and wait until they are sold. It’s a different concept then AC has, but still interesting and profitable for writers.

There are no straight forward guidelines on their website, but I can give you few tips about this :

Look for new Content Writing Jobs (they also have jobs where you can write content for advertisers and that is more profitable). So just subscribe and you will get email notifications when new jobs are added and it’s a vital part of – Bet he first to get the jobs .

Put up a good price for your articles, the best price would probably be about 25-100$. And another ways to success are attractive graphics and pictures or maybe charts. They will make your articles look neat and professional.

As soon as your work is sold, claim the money and start all over again. If by some mistake your articles are not suitable, just use them for your blog and go on trying to make money with

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