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Internet has greatly influenced the way many businesses are handled today. In modern society not only every person has own social media account but also every business owner, representative or a company. Social networks and media websites serve as a superb way to run marketing campaigns, boost client loyalty and attract new customers.

Social profiles of business are visited by hundreds of people daily, so its content should be perfectly matched and moderated according to specific guidelines. While not every company can afford to have own social media expert and moderator, all of this work is being outsources to companies like (which is currently hiring).

What is

Crispthinking is known as one of the leaders in handling Internet-based risks, connected with how business use Social Media and User Generated Content in their professional line of work. is Hiring Moderators and Social Media Managers

In order to help extracting only the positive benefits of using social media for business, Crispthinking lends its employees, moderators and Internet marketing experts, to world-known brand names.

At the moment Crispthinking is looking forward to expanding its workforce, so if you are into social media management, then you should fill out an application here: and read more about the company here:

Even though the reviews of this company are predominantly positive, we have not been able to find the pay for moderators on their websites (but some workers claim that they pay 10-15 dollars per hour).

But what we do know is that workers are hired as freelancers and at the moment applicants only from the United States and the United Kingdom are accepted.

Social media moderators are expected to:

– have good command of English language and follow certain rules, when interactive with the target audience;

– review and moderate content on major social network websites;

– gather information for performance reports.

Even though Crispthinking is looking for applicants from the US and the UK at the moment, make sure you check out these similar job opportunities:,,,,,

Please note that after filling out your survey the information enters and system and you may or may not be contacted right away (depends on the position availability). But Crispthinking looks like a reputed employer so checking this company out is definitely worth a try.

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