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Freelance writing and transcription tasks on the Internet have proven to be good earners for all work seekers out there. With so many businesses going digital and outsourcing massive amounts of data processing tasks, passing up any new company employing transcribers is not acceptable.

As many members of team do this type of work for a living, we are usually the pioneers in finding new companies for stay at home guys. This time we would like to say a few words about a new service called

What is is going to be a superb find for people, who like working on Amazon Mechanical Turk-like websites. Amazon Mturk have been reviewed on this website before, so please refer to this page if you are unfamiliar with it:

CrowdSurfWork is a service, which concentrates on finding available transcription and writing tasks on Mturk and their own database and providing all these leads to their members. Similar platform gives registered Amazon Mturk users an opportunity to sign in with their existing accounts and even use account reputation to pass a verification process with CrowdSurfWork. – great resource for part time transcription jobs

The platform by CrowdSurfWork gives users access to various types of assignments: easy and hard, bundled and stand-alone. Only a worker can decide which task to take up.

If you would like to apply for this opportunity, please refer to this website:

Transcription is a very hot niche on the Internet job market, so if you are new to this sphere but like writing content or reproducing audio content in text form, then you should read more about transcribing and start building your reputation on Mturk or related websites.

We have reviewed many good websites for transcriptionists, so make sure you check out these:, UserIntelligence,, and many other.

With CrowdSurfWork you get to pick the assignments you want to work on and pick the amount of tasks you can do (even though there is a minimum amount of tasks you are expected to complete in order to keep your account functional).

All in all, CrowdSurfWork sounds like another great site to use for finding additional earning opportunities.

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