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Working on a stay-at-home basis provides flexibility and as a form of employment is regularly chosen by young parents, students or professionals, who enjoy making the most  of their time by managing their schedule efficiently. But, even with so many outsourced jobs out there, finding a good position is not always easy.

The main reason is that the demand in the international job market is constantly changing and every job seeker can easily notice how sometimes the demand shifts from one sphere to the other. So all job seekers, who chose to work on the stay-at-home basis should be ready for constant professional development and learning new professions in order to take up Internet-based jobs.

Transcription is one of such jobs, as it is very popular among various employers, who need their audio media converted into a more convenient, text form. Let’s briefly take a look at one of the newest employers, who is hiring transcribers in the legal field.

What is is a Texas-based company, which specializes in providing various transcription services, including multi-speaker transcribing, call-in dictation service and legal transcription. Offers Jobs for Legal Transcribers on Stay-At-Home Basis

Cyberdictate is always on the lookout for experienced transcribers, especially in the legal field and they seem to have several openings at the moment.

To learn more about their employment opportunities and begin the application process, please visit this page:

Please keep in mind that even before receiving a test assignment, you need to have some software and hardware, mainly:

– a working headset and a foot pedal;

– basic transcription software and office suite (to work with text and excel files);

– Corel WordPerfect.

Please keep in mind that CyberDictators is hiring professionals, who live within the continental US.

But don’t worry, if you somehow where not accepted to the team of CyberDictators or live outside the USA, there are some good international jobs that we have reviewed recently.

These are employers, who hire internationally: Also don’t forget to check out these opportunities:

Unlike some of the entry-level transcription companies that we have written about in the past, CyberDictators is looking for experienced workers, who would like to work from the comfort of their homes.

We have heard many good things about this employer but were not able to find much concrete information about their pay or working conditions. We will try to update this review with a follow-up post but if you have any experience with CyberDictators, please leave your feedback below.

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