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World wide web has made a huge leap from a source of purely textual data to a leading resource of interactive content. Nowadays people from any country of the world use Internet for finding not just textual content (i.e. articles, reviews, books) but also interactive content-types (i.e. images, photos, videos and films).

On our front page we have written that virtual media agencies are looking forward to creating more quality content for their sites and hire thousands of writers to work for them. Unfortunately, until now we mainly concentrated on content creation jobs dealing with textual content (we posted many reviews of sites, where writers get a chance to write articles and get paid) but somehow managed to miss out on job opportunities for producers of new types of content, which are sometimes more engaging to web users. We are sure that by now you have understood that we are talking about video content.

Not that many online earners know about the presence of video-creation jobs and online work for film producers, so we would like to share our research in this field and write a few words about

Please note that this is for US residents only, please check out other posts from “Internet jobs for video producers” category to learn more about similar opportunities.

Video producing jobs at

DemandStudios is one of the most powerful content creation services on the Internet. They provide fresh, unique and engaging content to such popular online projects as, LiveStrong and TypeF. Previously we have reviewed a different work at home position at DemandStudios, that is a position of a copywriter.

Filmmaking work at

Currently, has opened a new filmmaking division and a search for new creative filmmakers, who are willing to make money independently by filming informational and instructional video-clips for DemandStudios, is still on. So if you have video producing experience or treat filmmaking as your dream job and have the proper equipment to shoot high-definition videos, then you have a superior opportunity to make money by working for Demand Studios.

Application process for filmmakers

On their website (we will include a link to their filmmaker program page) you will be able to find a FAQ section, where Demand Studios staff members listed all things you need to start working for them. Before applying, please make sure that your equipment meets their requirements and you can fulfill their quality benchmarks (as not proper video/audio/location quality is likely to cause a rejection for your work).

As for now, DemandStudios hires only US-based filmmakers, as this is not a fully work at home job. The process of accomplishing a movie-making process requires filmmakers to meet with a talent, carry out a shooting session with the talent and edit the videos to match the requirements by DemandStudios. The process of earning money with this company can be briefly described in such a way:

Claiming a project: filmmakers registered and approved for this job have access to the database of available projects (the pay ranges from 200 to 600 dollars per project). Finding a local project is the key to earning money with this job, as filmmakers are to meet with the local talent and record his/her how-to guides.

Producing the project: filmmakers have two weeks to meet with a talent, produce/edit a collection of 20-30 how-to videos and submit them for review.

Getting paid: provided all the requirements are met with precision, a worker receives his/her money via PayPal.

On their website you will find a lot of information and tips, which will help you get into this contribution program and start earning money by producing video content. More information about application process could be found on page for filmmakers. credibility

The reputation of can be described as rock-solid. They are standing behind several powerful Internet media portals and they are working hard on retaining their positive reputation by providing both their workers and clients with top notch services.

Further reading is one of the most promising resource for finding freelance video producer’s jobs, as they are syndicating the latest opportunities from dozens of Internet work marketplaces. Join today, it is free and Donanza has a ton of great offers for you. helps video producers publish their content on the web, make it accessible to millions of viewers worldwide and monetize video content efficiently.

Roundup and final thoughts

Filmmakers and video producers have a lot of opportunities to monetize their skills in the virtual network and a contributor program at serves as an example to what has just been stated. They help video producers residing in US land a well-paying filmmaking jobs and receive money for doing something they are good at. To conclude, we would like to tell that we hope there will be more similar job openings for us to write about, especially those for both American and international video producers.

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