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Internet and global informatization have once and for all changed the way people look at their jobs. First of all, new technology has provided us with flexibility in almost any job a person could do. For example, personal assistants are no longer required to spend most of their day in office or at the meetings, trying to focus and do the job well in noisy environments.

With the help of new technology and Internet any personal manager has access to various time management software, custom reminders and tools for accomplishing more management tasks in shorter periods of time. In such circumstances we can talk about a rapid growth of such occupation as virtual assistant.

What is

EAhelp is a company, which specializes in providing virtual assisting services by all possible means – starting with email management or proofreading and ending with   gift shopping or travel planning. offers jobs in virtual assisting field

Right now EAhelp is hiring virtual assistants, who will be helping businessmen and company leaders manage their time effectively and get more stuff done every day.

Becoming a virtual assistant at EAhelp is for you if you:

– have a bachelor’s degree and have at least 5 years of experience as an executive assistant, business manager or an employee in a similar field;

– can easily switch between tasks without losing your focus, meet deadlines and work in a stressful environment;

– enjoy working form your computer, manage your time on the job by yourself and use available technological gadgets to help your clients (every manager is assigned with up to 2 clients);

– have a high speed Internet, a powerful gadget for email correspondence and enough working time to complete all assigned tasks.

To learn more about this job opportunity please visit this page and fill out your application form:

The hourly pay at EAhelp varies depending on the person you are assisting and the number of clients you are assigned to.

Right now virtual assisting field is booming and many outsourcing companies are hiring this workers, so we recommend checking out these services too:,,,,,

All in all, we have checked many forum threads regarding EAhelp and most of the assistants, currently working with this company are satisfied with their choice and try to take up as much work as they can handle.

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