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Earn Cash by Completing Freelance Tasks and Job Opportunities – Review

Working on is pure joy for me, because all the hard tasks are already completed before I sit down to write my posts about free ways of making money on the web.

All the hard tasks usually include the process of searching for legit get paid to and work from home opportunities and the process of testing these websites (with the aim of distinguishing which projects pay and which are intended to scam people).

Internet based scams are the things, which annoy me the most on t he web, because I want to earn money with no investments and time losses. Maybe that is why I decide to work for myself, be my own boss and provide freelance services online.


Where to find free freelancer and data entry jobs?

Making money with freelance jobs is one of the easiest ways of get started with Internet earning, but usually people don’t have enough skills to become self-employed freelance workers, but it is not a big problem, because such people can use micro job websites, services created for both make money online beginners and professionals. - scam or make money online opportunity?

This blog contains several reviews of such websites and I use most of them, but recently I spotted, which looks like a clone of their freelance job marketplaces.

It looks exactly like some scam websites I dealt with in the past, but I do hope that they are just using the same script. As for me, is still on the stage of development, which could be proved by the absence of such vital pages as “terms of service”, “how it works” and “about us”.

Is a work from home scam?

Without these pages, we can not find out the terms of partnership, this means, we don’t know the minimum payout limit and available cashout options. As for now, I would rather recommend to earn money with, which looks far more stable.

But lets go on with this review, I do hope that my thoughts listed here will help the owner of to turn it into a great source of newbie money-makers. I don’t want only to criticize this micro job website and will tell some good things. First of all I did like that the number of available jobs is growing rapidly and members can receive from $0.1 to $1.5 for every job, which takes 3-5 minutes to accomplish, also admins allow to follow the job updates via FaceBook, Twitter, RSS feed and LinkedIn page.

All in all, looks like another micro job website clone, which looks exactly like other dozens of such websites, but I wish that my high hopes for this one will be accomplished and soon we will enjoy the process of making money at Thanks for reading, please leave your ideas or comments about making money with freelance jobs.

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