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Earn Extra Money with your Website or Blog Using Kontera Inline Advertising

I have been writing a lot on this blog about all possible ways of making money over the Internet, but I think that creating your personal blog with an idea of earning money with it in the future is the best option for your home business.

I know several people, who, at first, created simple websites and were making good money by blogging (you can earn pretty good money by writing sponsored reviews or by showing sponsored advertising on your blog or Internet site pages). What I mean is, it’s sometimes better to be your own boss and earn money with your brain, but maybe it’s just my way to roll.

Basically, the most popular and easy way of earning money with a blog is Google Adsense, which is a superior system, which gives you incredible online earning possibility.

But sometimes you get too excited about earning money from home, so you want to increase your Internet income – the best way for doing this is to add extra advertising option for your blog (as I have already told, you can sell your ad space by offering sponsored reviews for money). But also you can try in-line advertising, which is pretty new and can be easily carried out with

Kontera is inline text advertising, which gives you money for specific ad links (which are being displayed on your website). As soon as you register at Kontera, you will receive a special code, which will turn your website into a cash earning machine, because any relevant advertising keyword, will be highlighted and converted into an ad link (Kontera ContentLink).

This website is totally different from Adsense (it doesn’t take any of your advertising space, because all advertising blocks are hidden, until you rest your mouse pointer on the advertising link), but here (just like at Adsense), you will earn both for cost-per-click ads and cost-per-impression advertisements.

Nowadays, anyone cash join Kontera (and you can even synchronize Kontera with your account and automatically place advertising widgets on your blog).

I have tested this advertising network for a while, and I must tell that it is looking pretty good (especially if we talk about the revenue – because the average CPC is ~0.2$ – these stats are based on my own experience, and the CTR is pretty high too and ranges between 2% and 5%).

So if you choose to try out Kontera, remember that this website offers you pretty good tools (statistics of your ad clicks, the keywords that give you the most money and other fun stuff). In addition to that, you can invite your friends and receive extra money (25$ as far as I remember) for every active publisher you refer.

All in all, at Kontera you can make extra money with your blog or personal website. pays you out with US dollar checks, as soon as you reach 100$ (which is not that easy to reach, but it is possible). Anyways, Kontera is just another way of getting money from your Internet sites.


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