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[Expired] Earn Money by Sharing Music, Video and Documents at

Internet is a vital part of my everyday life and I am pretty sure that millions of people can’t imagine their lives without computers or world wide web. Personally I have a big need of having a certain amount of data with me. On the first terms, I was carrying my thumb-drive with me but later on I found out about free file hosting services and their earning advantages.

Additionally, I have found it easy to share my files with my friends with the help of these hosting services. I have published several ebooks and freebies, which I share with my blog readers and receive extra money with the help of such sites as If you have not followed my previous posts, I would like to show you my favorite get paid to upload site (I have been paid many times by it).

How to get paid to upload files at FileKeen? is a free data hosting website, which allows you to share your files with your friends or blog readers and to receive money for it. With there is no need to upload your files to your blog and pay hosting companies for bandwidth. If you will decide to work with FileKeen, they will be giving you money for every downloaded file. Furthermore, you can forget about carrying a thumb-drive or an external hard-drive with this website, all your files could be stored on FileKeen for free. - get paid to upload videos, music and documents pays up to $15 for every 1000 downloaded files plus 25% of the money generated by premium account sales (if one of your friends decides to buy a premium account at FileKeen to receive higher download speeds, you will receive a percentage of the money they spend for buying this premium account) but your earnings depends on the size of the files you are sharing and audience demographics. I think that could be a great addition to this site, so please see how to make money with (and I have shared my payment proof too).

With you can share photos, videos, music files and software for free and even get paid for doing so. Before registering with FileKeen website, please read and make sure you understand their rules. You are not permitted to upload the files you don’t have rights for, so it is better to play it safe, unless you want to lose all your earnings.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find detailed information about the payout rates and the minimum amount of money needed to receive money. I guess this information will be available right after the registration. Thanks for reading my post on how to earn money by uploading files. I will be updating my blog with other similar ways to get paid to upload music, video and other documents.

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