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[Expired] Earn Money on the Internet by Uploading Videos – Review

Internet data sharing has become a part of my daily life. I share photos, videos and music files with my friends and relatives almost every day. From the very beginning I was using my hosting account for uploading all these files but back then I didn’t know about free file hosting services and didn’t know that one can make good money by using them either.

Today I would like to talk about uploading videos and making money with them. We all know that YouTube has a limit for the length of the videos and usually they suspend videos they don’t like, so I have found an alternative video hosting service, which pays money for every generated view.

How to get paid by

As it was already stated, is a free video hosting service, a good alternative to YouTube, which allows uploading videos up to 2 hours long and has pretty nice earning possibilities.

Your earnings at depend on two key factors – the length of your uploaded videos and geographical location of your visitors. With these two factors in mind, users can make up to $25 for every 1000 video views. Such pay-per-view rates amaze me a lot and I am looking forward to uploading some videos of mine onto this site. - get paid to upload videos

I do like the fact that VideoZer pays for views from all countries in the world, it is a huge advantage of this get paid to upload videos website. Additionally, there are two extra ways of making money with VideoZer website, the first of them is referring new members.

If you have friends, who are interested in making money by uploading videos or would like to earn extra money with your blog, place a banner on your blog or start inviting your friends to VideoZer by sharing your referral link.

In case you have a movie/video sharing related blog, start embedding VideoZer videos on your site and receive 10% from all premium account sales generated by your site visitors.

VideoZer offers a large variety of publisher tools (FTP and remote upload) and it supports various payout systems, which include PayPal, WebMoney and AlertPay. Payments are completed every week and you need just $20 in order to receive your first payout. Alternatively you can earn money by uploading files, which will have to be downloaded before viewing. It is a different concept of making money online but it is still effective.

Before registering with this site, please read all the rules and TOS, this is important to understand everything, before starting to work with this get paid to upload videos website. As for now, thanks for your attention, I hope you liked my blog post and will have a lot of luck in making cash with your videos.


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