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Making money from home by using all possible work from home techniques could be a lot of fun for sure. Well, if you look at it this way, pretty successful bloggers and Internet money-makers are making a living from home, but in order to get to such levels we all need something to start with.

Personally, I have been working with various free paid surveys websites and freelance job boards. To tell the truth, it was a lot of fun, because I finally started generating money from home and I was pretty excited about it, maybe that’s why my Internet earnings started to go up pretty quickly.

With time passing I started using all possible work from home and get paid to websites, especially those, which give us cash for something we already do. If you are a blogger, you know how important social bookmarking is – if you can find the best keywords, such techniques can generate you a lot of free traffic and targeted visitors.

Not long ago I was blogging about paid social bookmarking websites, they aren’t that much different from the regular ones, but they do give you cash for your posting activity (they are based on adsense revenue sharing technique).

Adsense Revenue Sharing With Social Bookmarking Site

So today I feel like writing about another website of this type. is a quickly growing social bookmarking website and they allow you to make money with your adsense account and their social bookmarking service. Speaking of the revenue split, with active members get 100% of the money generated by their submissions. It is pretty nice, because you can add up to 3 advertising blocks of yours to every page you create and submit (which is pretty nice, I must say).

Also, you won’t have to worry about your account being banned from Google Adsense for showings on pages, which comply with their rules, has developed a special system of stop-words, which means that your ads are displayed only on the pages created by you and ads will disappear, if any page has inappropriate content.

So far I have reviewed a good deal of paid social bookmarking services and I must say that is one of the best websites I have used so far. They have pretty nice revenue sharing offer and good ad placement, I think that this website can give us not only some traffic values, but also some money in addition.

Anyways, if you liked my review of, feel free to start working with this social bookmarking service or leave me some questions of yours, if you still have some. I would be glad to assist you. Thanks for reading and subscribe to my feed, if you want to know more about earning money from home and very soon I will be blogging about paid social networks, that’s going to be exciting too.

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