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[Expired] Earn by Answering Questions about SEO – Review

Internet is full of ads and various job listings, some people consider these job offers to be annoying, but personally I am glad to have followed one of such links, people this is how I found out my first free way of earning money.

Update: I would really like to make a quick update to this post, earning money by answering questions is far one of the best ways of earning money I have been testing in my last several months, so I have created a list of sites, which pay cash for filling in surveys and giving answers to the questions, please take a look at it and enjoy the review of

I was very excited about an an opportunity, which allowed me to stay at home and earn good money with the help of my knowledge. At first I spend most of my free time completing freelance jobs, writing content for cash awards and also I got paid to answer questions.

I was pretty amazed, when I tried to make money answering questions online, because this was something I like to do – researching stuff and communicating with people on the web attracts me a lot. Anyways, I did learn a lot about Internet, search engines and blogging, while was helping people to find answers to their questions, for me “answer questions for money” job turned into a win-win situation.

Answering questions as a way of making money

Today I would really like to show you yet another website, where users are answering questions for cash, but all the questions are in one niche – search engine optimization niche (which is not that hard to learn and if you want to both learn SEO and make some money, could be the right place for you). pays money for answering questions is a question and answer (Q&A website), where users can list their SEO questions for some money. Workers, who are registered with ExpertSeoForum, are free to look through these questions and answer them. The most detailed questions get awarded and points are being moved to the winner’s account.

As you can see, making money with answering questions is not very complicated, but there are some things, which should be noted, before you visit this Q&A website and start making money. This service is newly opened and not many people know about it, I have just found out about it several days ago. Also, there is no place for experts in other niches except SEO, which is sad for people, who like to answer questions online for money, but are not very skilled in this field of study.

How to get paid to answer questions at

Luckily, there are several other websites, where users can freely earn money answering questions online and HelpOwl is one of them.

Anyways, the idea of making a Q&A website only within SEO niche makes it both good and not so good: it will make a great one for the answer seekers, because they are sure to get high quality answers; but unfortunately, people, who want to earn money online by answering questions and helping people need to be seo experts in order to make money at

I did not mean to criticize Expert Seo Forum service, I do think that their idea is creative and their project is worth participating in, but if admins will ever read this blog post, I want to leave some pieces of advice, based on my user experience – it would be really nice to show available cashout options, enable referral program and add more question categories, for example technology, web-mastering and blogging.

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