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I have started this blog with a thought of finding out how to make money online for free, because those days I was only starting up with Internet business and was making my living by completing Internet surveys and writing articles on the Internet for money.

But I was lucky enough to find out about other awesome ways to make money at home and earning cash with files is one of them. After several days of research I came up with a huge number of websites, where people get money for uploading and sharing data files. Basically these are free data hosting websites and they just reward our daily activity (so making money with these is a lot of fun, if you are new to paid to upload websites, check my guide, where I explain how all these work).

Make money uploading photos and videos with

I have been reviewing paid to upload and share websites for a pretty long time now and there are several types of such data hosting services. Some of them don’t require the downloaders to pay money for the access to the files, but some of them do require users to complete a brief survey before downloading the file. Well, belongs to the second type, but this service will give you up to $0.7 for every document download.

Get paid to share fles online with

Making money with Uploadables is pretty simple, all you have to do is to find some interesting files, upload them to Uploadables, get the download links and start spreading them all over the Internet. For every downloaded file Uploadables will pay you up to 70 cents ($0.45-$.07 for downloads from United States; $0.55 for files downloaded from Canadian IPs, $0.4 for United Kingdom and 10 cents for other countries, which is awesome, because some paid to upload websites don’t pay for downloads from all countries).

I have just joined this website and will try to make some money with this service (in case you are new to, I want to say that I am making good money uploading files and I use Letitbit and for these purposes) and will post some updates about this data hosting service.

But I seem to be enjoying this one already, the main point for such attraction is their forum, where users share their earning techniques and help each other in making more money with file sharing at In addition, you can earn money by referring your friends to Uploadables (this will be pretty appropriate, if you have Internet buddies, who are willing to earn money online, preferably with paid to upload services) and you will get 10% of the money they make.

The minimum withdrawal limit at Uploadables is currently set at $20 and money are paid by PayPal. If you visit their forum, you will see a great abundance of payment proofs and they have several contests running, so it’s a pretty nice way of earning money.

Anyways, thanks for reading my blog post, I do hope that you enjoyed my writing and will be interested in earning more money from home by sharing documents on the Internet. In my review I mentioned making money with, so you might check the review of this website too (and I got paid by this one not very long ago). If you want to know more about paid to upload websites and other ways of getting paid for Internet work, subscribe to

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