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[Expired] Earn Money Online with Freelance Tasks – Review

Freelance and data entry jobs have gained a lot of popularity within people, who are willing to make money online for free. As for me, the main reason for the development of such tendency is the fact and more Internet users are willing to earn money from home without having any special skills. They try to earn money for free by monetizing their current skills and I see nothing wrong about it.

The market offers anyone to start generating money by completing simple and easy tasks on the web, such as social bookmarking, article writing, paid reviewing, social and web2.0 promotion, ect. All these services are easy to do, but they require a lot of time, that is why some webmasters and site owners prefer to pay freelancers for completing such tiresome jobs. is a website, which serves as a connector between freelancers (people, who want to earn money by completing various freelance tasks) and advertisers (who are actually webmasters and they need their jobs to be done quickly).

Data entry and freelance jobs at

At first, WebMicroJobs looked to me as another good alternative to such websites as and Amazon Mturk (which is a leader in Internet data entry money-making), but after registering at this website and trying to make at least some money with freelance work, I drew a conclusion that this is yet another clone of

I have no intentions to tell that is yet another Internet scam, it is only on the starting point of its development. After logging into freelancer panel I have found only 4 available tasks, which could generate me the maximum revenue of approximately 1 dollar (doesn’t look like a great start, but lets have high hopes for this). - make money online for free

If the web-master of will at some point read this review, I would really like to point out things, which make it almost impossible to make good money by completing freelance jobs at Web Micro Jobs. First of all, this freelance marketplace looks like dozens of other sites on this type, a redesign is totally worth it.

Addition of new offers and earning opportunities is the first thing, which needs to be taken care of (the same thing could be noted about the referral program, there is no information on how it works).

The total number of freelancers, who are looking for easy ways to make money online for free is growing at insane speed, freelance job boards could help people earn good money from home, but as for now, will not make you rich, unless the owner picks up the pace and starts to introduce new features.

All in all, if you want to earn money for free being a freelancer, Amazon Mturk, and are the best solutions for you these days. I do hope that this somehow critical was helpful to you and you would start making money from home with the help of your freelance skills.

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