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Internet blogging is a superb way to earn money online. If you own a high traffic blog, then you have dozens of ways to earn money by writing content and blogging. But still a lot of writers and bloggers fail in making money from home with their websites; that is why I am here to find the best ways to earn money with a blog. I check them out and leave my honest opinion about the latest and the most creative work from home techniques.

Recently I have found out a new creative approach to blog advertising – making money with in-image advertising. Today I would like to review one more website, which provides in-image advertising. Recently I have created a new category, earn money with in-image advertising and will be adding reviews here.

Make money with ImageSpaceMedia’s in-image ads yet another website, which can help any blogger or webmaster earn money with their websites. Image Space Media offers a large variety of tools and option to improve your earnings. This advertising network would best suit photo galleries and sites, which have a lot of graphic content, for example wordpress theme galleries or site showcases.

Get paid to blog with ImageSpaceMedia in-image ads

As I have already mentioned, ImageSpaceMedia offers a great variety of earning possibilities and webmaster advantages; I would like to feature the best ones. A great variety of advertisers – this ad network has partnered up with thousands of  worldwide popular brands and companies, who are promoting their services via image advertising.

Unique publisher tools – ImageSpaceMedia technicians have done a superb job at creating great publisher options – these include contextually targeted ads, mouse-over ad activation (your blog visitors won’t see the sponsored listings until they rest a mouse pointer on an image), easy advertising and social integration and many more. If you are interested in making money with in-image ads, I recommend to check out an alternative site, my review of could come in hand very nicely.

Easy CMS and social integration – these days most of the websites are powered by leading CMS systems including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other, Image Space Media dot com has come up with easy integration solutions for any publisher.

Full control over the advertising – being a publisher at ImageSpaceMedia you have a full control over your ad look and placement – there is a full list of tools, which you help you make your ads more attractive for your blog visitors.

ImageSpaceMedia looks like a superb way for monetizing your blog or a great means of improving your blog income. Please make sure you have read the term of service of this website and understood how this in-image ad system works. They have listed dozens of rules, which have to be followed, but I have not found anything about their payout rates, I guess I have to be an approved publisher, before I will get access to this info. All in all, it should be a nice ad platform to try out.


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