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Earn Money for Writing DIY Projects and How-To Guides at

Internet money-making is realistic opportunity to spend some time on the web and get financially rewarded for doing so. A couple of my friends are making a living online and they contribute to a lot. This time they advised me to take a look at

This is a do-it-yourself technology magazine, where all articles are written by makers for people, who want to do things by themselves. So if you have some experience with technology, computers, software, ect. you can surely earn money for writing at

[toc] is a very interesting community of writers and here you have a chance to make money by writing four types of content pieces: reviews, projects, features and everything else.

Paid for writing reviews

How-to guides and reviews are very popular types of content on the Internet. Nowadays we are all used to receiving free tips and tricks from the world wide web. But did you know that the authors of such articles are capable of earning good money for this type of writing. At you can get paid for sending reviews to their Toolbox. MakeZine specializes in the reviews of gadgets, online tools, website widgets, newsletter building, instructional and how-to videos, books and magazines, ect. pays money for creating reviews

The requirements for the reviews are: they should be at least 50 words of length and ought to provide your user experience and tips. The pay for this type of writing work reaches up to $25.

Writing DIY articles for money

Other two interesting types of paid writing projects are the “DIY” and “Major” projects. When you decide to write such an article you have to make sure that you have enough experience to guide your readers. So it goes without saying that you are to write about things you have already made.

DIY projects are short projects which run usually between 200 and 750 words. Keep this kind of project conversational, imagine that you explain the info to your friend and just write it. You should also present the digital photos of each step (high-resolution photos are welcome). Major projects are more complex projects which can take a person several hours or even days to complete them.

Additional type of accepted content is “Features”. To this category articles about interesting things made by people or groups of people are posted. There are several sections like “Made on Earth” or “Maker”. looks like a honest and easy way to earn money online by writing content. If you have experience in this field of study and would receive some moola from your writing skills, then is a site, which should be number one on your to do list.

I do hope that this article was useful to you and you would draw some conclusions and start to make money from home by writing. For similar news and updates, please subscribe to my newsletter below and don’t forget to leave your comments.

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