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Earn Points And Win Free Gift Cards on Search Engine

Earning money from home is getting more and more creative. Everyone uses search engines every day and the quality of search outcomes are really important to us – if we find what we need faster – we can accomplish the project in shorter period of time.

I have already told you about making money with with sponsored search engines, but the earth is still spinning and new creative ideas are being put to reality. The whole point of Winzy paid search has been reconsidered and redeveloped by This company has launched a new phenomenal search engine, where users can get various prizes.


What is IRazoo? is a brand new search engine which gives you the opportunity to influence the search engine positions and earn money or cool prizes. The creators are testing their revolutionary search engine and are glad to pay you money (give prizes) for your participation, so basically you get paid to search.

What are the benifits of joining iRazoo:

Everything may sound a bit too confusing to you, but there are a lot of reasons to join this fine search engine. We used Google or Yahoo everyday, so why don’t we try something else and enjoy these awesome advantages:

  • Get a chance to to win free Amazon Gift Certificates. while using the search engine
  • Receive points for your participation – vote, comment on your favorite searches and get points, which can be redeemed later on.
  • Earned point can be exchanged for exciting and wonderful prizes, which inlude MP3 players and Ipods, memory sticks, digital cameras,  game systems, and way more!
  • Get 50 points for every referral (get prizes if your referrals win – including points and prizes!)
  • You get excellent search results (gathered from the most popular search engines). Also you will help refining the excellent search results!

Irazoo Search Engine - Get Paid To Search

What are the steps to success?

  1. Register yourself an account. Registration takes less than a minute and the only thing you need is working email address.
  2. As soon as you verify your account, you can perform a regular search query. The list of top searches will be displayed and once you click a result, a new frame will be opened. This frame gives you an option to vote for a website and leave your comment.  When you recommend or not recommend a website, you receive foru points. There is a limit – maximum of 100 points per day.
  3. Also you can receive “4” four more points for leaving a comment. So there is a grant total of “8” points that are to be earned per website.  These results will be showed to other people under the “People Recommended Results” label.
  4. Those are the main ways to earn points, but you can also receive points by referring friends by using your personal referral link (it can be found on the “Refer a friend” page). You can refer as many people as you can, and 50 points are given for new member registrations.
  5. All earned points can be redeemed for cool prizes. They include –  MP3 players, cameras, game systems, gift certificates. For instance to get “Amazon $15 Gift Certificate” you need 9000 points and 100000 points for Playstation 3 40GB.
  6. The incentive program is pretty cool too, if any of your referrals gets an instant prize, you receive the same prize too! So the more friends you have, the more cash you can get.

The best way to earn extra points is to use iRazoo as your everyday search engine and to refer as many people as possible to iRazoo. And remember every search gives you a great opportunity to get an instant prize, which varies between $5 and $50.

The whole new method of earning is here, available for you. If you like trying out new things, Irazoo is just for you!


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