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Earning Money over the Internet with – News And Updates

After running this blog for several years I have found out about all possible methods of making money over the Internet. Throughout this time I have been working with very promising and creative Internet projects, which were giving me cash for my work.

Earning money with GPT websites is the one of the simplest work from home techniques on the Internet nowadays, but sometimes you get sick from completing all these surveys and offers and want to try something new.

In such situation, Internet moneymakers are finding good luck in freelance working jobs, because here you can monetize your current abilities and work with different people (which is more stimulating – new projects, new abilities, which can be turned into cash in the future).

But as I have already told you, Internet webmasters are coming up with new brilliant ideas about earning money from Internet, that is why the new concept of freelance jobs has been introduced – micro (minute) freelance jobs (you can read more about this in my post “Get Paid To Complete Micro (Minute) Freelance Jobs Online – What’s the Fuss?“, which expresses my attitude towards this way of Internet money-making).

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But today I have a totally different mission (for this post), after being contacted by the’s administrator, I will provide some information about things, which had been improved or added to MinuteWorkers (and these updates will help you earning more cash on the Internet). By the way, if you are still not familiar with this website and the whole earning concept, please refer to the post – how to earn money online with

To start off, I would like to tell you that has a referral program now. This means that apart of completing fast freelancers jobs for money at Minute Workers, you can also refer your friends to this fine website and receive $0.05 per every member. I am not sure about the percentage you receive from your member’s earnings, but I hope this feature will be implemented pretty soon.

One more thing that has changed since my last visit at is the number of available offers and tasks you can complete. Now I see that there are 28 offers and tasks available to complete and the task rewards range from $0.10 to $0.60.

I hope that you will find it interesting to earn money using the Minute Workers concept and new referral system feature will give you some extra cash to your pocket. You can also check out pretty similar website called (find out about earning money with Micro Workers). Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your comments and possible thoughts about developing this make money niche.


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