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Way to Make Money Writing Articles and Answering Questions – Review

When I was just starting up with Internet business I really wanted to make money online and work in the comfort of my own apartment. Even though I began earning money on the net by filling in offers and trying products, it was a great and fun experience for me and I made enough money to start my own project.

I did start my free make money online blog and was earning money by doing all possible freelance jobs on the Internet. Working as a freelancer could be very profitable, because you can receive money for doing something you are already good at, for example, write articles online and get paid, use paid to post forums or even answer questions for money. If you have the proper knowledge, you will be totally fine and will start making money on the web in no time, trust me (and I will hook you up with the latest make money online and work from home tips).

How to make money write articles and answering questions for money?

Earn money online by answering questions at

This question has been asked me for so many time that I decided to write about an Internet service, which gives money for writing articles and answering questions.

There is this website, and it allows you to write reviews for money and give answers to the questions and get rewarded for doing so. To cut long story short, rewards bloggers and content writers for producing content (here you can even get paid to write reviews online).

In order to start making money from home with you need to register as a contributor, start submitting your articles or answer question. Askables offers you two ways of making money by writing articles and producing content – Google Adsense revenue sharing (depending on your contributor status you will be making 50%-80% on the cash generated by your articles) and cash rewards (this will be paid to your PayPal address and you can get up to 15$ per article you submit – such rewards are only one-time). I just like this website, because they give you money for answering questions and writing articles (haven’t seen something like this in a long period of time).

Before I end this review, I would like to tell some words about contributer statuses, as far as your “paid to write” earnings pretty much depend on this. For writing and submitting your articles to this website (as far as for answering user questions) you will be getting special points, which will distinguish your user status. Check out their terms in order to know more about getting paid to write articles with

I do hope that writing articles for money at will work out for you and you will finally make some cash on the Internet. Now you can see that anyone can monetize knowledge on the Internet and you are not an exception.

Thanks for reading my blog entry and if you want to know more about making money from home, subscribe to Also I will be glad to answer you questions about earning with, if you have any questions.

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