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[Expired] Easy Way to Make Money by Uploading Files – Review

Being an active member of Internet community, I am forced to share dozens of files per day. I am not really happy about the fact that I had to use my hosting and my bandwidth for sharing documents with my friends, so I started to look for a better solution.

I did come up with a great idea – free data hosting services. You can’t imagine how glad I was to find out that some free hosting websites would even pay me money whenever someone downloads my files. So I changed my strategy a bit and started to share my files (audio, video, music, e-books or software) for profit. I have several favorites among get paid to upload websites but today I would like to review a totally new service –

How to start earning with file-sharing at is a fun and easy way to share your documents and earn money for doing so. The process of earning money with this website is very easy – pick the file you are willing to share, upload it to UploadStation (it is totally free and won’t take a lot of your time) and start sharing your download links on forums, blogs and social networks (these promotion techniques have proved to be the best ones). - free way to earn money online

There are two factors, which distinguish your get paid to upload rates at UploadStation: the size of your files and user demographics (downloads from US, UK and Canada generate higher revenues opposed to other counties). Uploading files for cash ($32 for every 1000 downloads) is the main way of earning money but Upload Station offers additional techniques to rock some cash. This is definitely a good site for earning money by sharing videos but there is one good alternative – please check out my review for more info.

First of all, you can post UploadStation download links on your site and receive 8% of the money generated by these links (most of the revenue comes from premium account sales). Second of all, you can earn money by referring new members, people who would like to get money for uploading videos, music and other files.

Earning money with this website is relatively easy – they count downloads from all counties, have great tools for uploaders (for examples remote upload feature) and reaching minimum payout shouldn’t take long. You just need $20 in order to get your first money and payout are processed within two days (sounds lightning-fast).

I hope this make-money-online technique is interesting to you, please read the rules before registering and don’t forget to follow my blog for more work from home techniques and updates.

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