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Easy Ways to Earn Money from Images and Stock Photography at

Making money online has always been fun experience for me, at first it involves some time to get your started, but once you get hold of it, you will never drop the idea of earning cash from home. Right now, in this highly developed Internet network, we can find an Internet based job, which will fit almost anyone – we can receive money for completing offers and signing up for freebies (such websites as give us a great opportunity of making money with online surveys and it is a pretty nice web offer, because I have been paid by this GPT website already), can download files and receive rewards for every download, listen to music and get paid for your thoughts and ratings or even share photos and earn money for doing so.

Speaking of getting paid for sharing and selling photos online for money, several days ago there was another post, which is actually in this niche, added to and if you feel like finding out how to upload photos and earn money for every sale, please read my review. Well, the whole concept and idea of sharing photos on the internet for cash rewards (you can as well sell your digital photography works) is pretty nice and right now let me tell you about another online agency, where you can earn cash with your images –

This website is kind of different from the ones, which has been previusly reviewed on this make money online blog and they don’t have the same concept of earning as simple freelance photoshop service websites do, here you receive money for your photography skills (not for uploading and sharing someone else’s work, if you wish to find out about getting paid for photo downloads, please read ShareFoco review).

Okay, now lets get started with This online service allows you to earn money wit your own photos or graphic works (you need the ownership rights to start earning). The process of making money with your photos is very simple.

First of all, anyone, who in interested in such earning offer will have to complete the registration process and read the “contributors tutorial” and start uploading first graphics and image data.

Make easy money with photos at

Before actually earning money by uploading and selling photos and images at, your works will be reviewed and if they have what it takes to be sold at Big Stock Photo, the application of yours will be approved and money will start rolling into your account for every completed sale.

Registered photographers get $0.5 for every credit spend on their images and up to 3$ for every sold image copy. If you consider to earn according to “special licensing” offer, you will receive way more money for your works – somewhere in between 2.5 and 60 USD per graphic file download.

There are some cool things about making money by selling photos with, here you can build your portfolio and people, who follow your works, will be more likely to buy from you again and again (more profits from returning customers). The minimum cashout for a photographer is equal to $50.

In addition, webmasters can take advantage of the special “ affiliate program” (here it is possible to earn money by referring customers to this website and get up to 105$ for every completed sale). Affiliates don’t have any special obligations and will be paid when the balance reaches 30$ (for PayPal payments) and 50$ (for those, who are willing to get paid by check).

Still think that the phrase “get paid to share photos” is related to another make-money-online scam method, then you are a bit wrong here. There is a lot of money to be made online with photography and graphic works (and not only this, just to remind you, making money by writing is pretty popular and profitable too). Thanks for reading, don’t forget to leave your comments and subscribe to my free post-to-email offer.


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