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Effective Use of Keywords for Those Earning Money with Blogs

I really want to make this post really short. I know how important keywords are for those, who want to earn money blogging.

Search Engine Optimization is not complicated. What you should remember is that every page of your site is a unique entity, and needs to be treated in the appropriate manner where SEO is concerned.

Guidelines for SEO results:
Choosing Keywords – It is important that you select words that relate specifically to the content on your site. Don’t pick words that are too general. Specific, targeted words and phrases will result in a higher ranking for your site.

Put keywords in Page Titles –

  • Include the appropriate keywords in your title as opposed to company name.
  • Include keywords in your Title Tags and Meta Tags
  • Include the appropriate keywords within all the page’s tags
  • Take time to go over the Meta description that you use.
  • Make sure that any description you use is interesting to those who are visiting your site
  • Include keywords within content wherever possible**

There are many search engines around today which use the Meta description as the thing that will be displayed in their search results.

**Keywords in Content
It is important that you make sure you include keywords in the content of your site, but do not over do this, as too many will result in your page being discounted by the search engines.


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