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Making money online is getting even more interesting, but before I start telling you about a new website, where you can earn money by reviewing stuff, let me ask you something: “Have you seen all those video reviews at”

I bet you have, so this means that video reviews are really popular nowadays. That’s why a website called is giving you a chance to earn money by reviewing stuff you have at home. They used to pay 5$ for every video review you make, but the rules changed a bit, that’s why I will just scratch out my previous posts, and will tell you everything all over again. is a website, which is looking for real human thoughts about certain products. The whole survey stuff has been taken a few steps further, and now they pay you to make video reviews of the product you have tried. Yes, it does sound to good to be true, but I does work. Now they pay you to review the product they need (for instance a review of LG product every 4th month), so users won’t make 500 videos a day and earn a whole lot of money.

There are 4 steps to earning with ExpoTv, and I’d like to tell more about each of them in detail.

Step 1 – Decide What Product To Review

As I have already told, they don’t accept all reviews, you will have to check out their marketplace and see if any of your apparel qualifies. When you do this you are ready to get rewards for video reviews on products you own. For example, you can review your new cell phone, or the computer you are using right now, almost anything goes.

Step 2 – Get A Camera

Nothing that hard. Pick up a camera and start recording your movie. It does not have to be very large, anything longer then 1 minute is accepted.

Step 3 – Start Talking About The Product

People who will be watching your review want to know more about the product, not your life :). Give them all the information they need, tell what you like and dislike about the product you are making a review of. Also include what lead you to buy it over a different product, so should convince the user to buy the product if you like it, if not – advise them to avoid it. Another vital point is that video reviews should also include product demonstration.

Step 4 – Upload Your Review And Get Rewarded wants to award you for the work you have done! Rewards for your opinions come in all shapes & sizes and they also include real cash! Sometimes you’ll be rewarded with cash, sometimes with free product or prizes, you never know, but the fact is that you will never be left behind.

As you can see, earning with Expo TV does sound like a lot of fun, and I see that there are thousands of people adding their reviews every day. By the way, there is a promotion going on at the moment and the first 250 reviewers will get 25$ for their first review, and are eligible to win 1000$ grand prize.


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