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I am very thankful to my readers, who help me finding new sites to make money online with. Over the past two weeks I published reviews of several popular blogs (and even Internet media giants), who offer an opportunity to make money with guest blogging and freelance writing.

Popular blogs and media websites are always looking for fresh and interesting content, which is capable of driving more traffic and attracting new loyal readers. So instead of hiring professional journalists, these sites allow us to make money online by writing articles and contributing to their community. This is a win-win situation – the owners of these sites get new exciting content and simple freelance writers, just like you and me, get a great chance to get paid for writing online.

How to write articles for cash at

I think that almost all experienced webmasters know about This is one of the largest resources for reviews, articles and how-to guides for people, who want to know more about web development, cutting edge technology, domain business, design and other related topics. - way to make money online for free offers two ways to earn money with them: 1) writing articles for pay (with upfront payment and performance bonuses); 2) releasing books and guides, who could be sold online and in actual book stores.

If you specialize in programming, web development/design, Internet business and marketing and would like to share your experience with a chance of getting money for your reviews or guides, then you should definitely apply for a writer position at (visit their website for a full list of supported topics).

Writers get paid a flat rate of $100 per article and offer special bonuses – you can receive up to $200 performance bonus (the more people read your content – the more money you make).

Also deals with book publishing and could help you put your book together, publish it and help earning money with your books. I am sure that experienced professionals work at SitePoint, so if you have an idea for a book, then you should definitely try your luck at

This company is looking for professional writers but if you are just starting to work online by writing content or would like to try your luck in this, I recommend using This is a community-like website, where users can contribute articles and get paid on revenue sharing basis. This is one of my favorite sites, so I highly recommend checking it out.

Anyways, now you know more about new opportunities of making money from writing. Hope you like my articles and reviews. Please leave your comments, rate this article and vote for us on FaceBook. Thanks for reading and hope you see you back soon.

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