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Most of the people have a hobby to which they dedicate a reasonable amount of their free time. Some people visit golf clubs, some people like cooking or creating things with their hands and they name these actions their hobby. I am no exception and I dedicate most of my free time to the number one passion of mine.

Since I feel that my novels and short stories still could use some work, I practice and improve my skills by running online blogs. This way I fulfill my writing needs and prove to my readers that even a beginner writer can earn money over the Internet. For today I picked an interesting freelance writing opportunity, which is provided by a service called


Brief outline of

For more than two years service provides ghostwriting services to business and corporate blog owners, who need a continuous flow of top-quality content to their websites. The owners of the service have come up with a nice strategy to promote service and provide ghost writers with decent online writing jobs. - write blog posts for money

Even though BlogMutt new player in this business, they already have a dozens of satisfied blog owners, who got relevant content for their sites, and freelance writers, who make money online by writing blog posts. Affordable rates, interesting project realization and contestant demand of quality content keep this project running and turn it into an interesting way to monetize writing skills on the web.

Getting started as a freelance writer owners want to be outright with their writers, they state that they are different from other content writing firms, their rates are not very high but quality ghost bloggers can be promoted to take up exclusive writing jobs and earn additional income.

Writers on this website mainly deal with writing blog posts based on suggested keywords and get paid once they are bought by the clients. In order to become a writer at, an applicant must be a resident of the United States, fill out a quick application form and provide his/her account link @ LinkedIn.

Once approved, ghost writers are accepted to a special group at LinkedIn and gain access to the writer’s area. This is the point, when online work could commence – just browse available tasks, read the requirements set by employers and start writing blog posts. When the writer is finished with the article, it can be added to the customer queue. One significative feature of BlogMutt is that they don’t have editors and the quality of the posts is judged by customers.

Queued articles can encounter one of three courses of events, they can be either:

– published: one of the customers is satisfied with your work and decides to buy your blog posts. Such an action would add $8 to your account;
– requested an edit: if the customer likes your content but would like you to alter it a bit, then such status is attributed to the article;
– rejected: 90% of the ghost posts are being sold on this website, so the odds of getting your article rejected are pretty low.

Getting paid by

With such rates and a great number of available tasks, an average writer can earn a good part-time income. The payout rules are a bit strict – money is paid in net 30 basis with a minimum withdrawal limit of 100 dollars (an equivalent of about 13 posts). Currently PayPal is the only supported payment system and I think it will work pretty well, taking into consideration the fact that only US residents can participate.

Further reading for ghost bloggers

Ghost blogging is a good way to earn money legitimately and looks like a superb tool for it but it doesn’t accept members from countries except the United States. So these are some related websites and resource, which can help you earn by writing content: – doesn’t require to have prominent writing skills, as far as you create informative pages, which are straight to the point and are useful for the reader. can serve as a decent source for finding more freelance writing or ghost blogging opportunities.

Roundup and final thoughts about

This ghost-writing service has a lot of benefits both for customers and writers. The absence of editors, considerably low requirements for post sizes, a good deal of available keywords for writing and helpful administrators – these and many other advantages will prompt many writers to join and earn money. But nothing is perfect, there are some things that might be put into consideration by the owners. Such tiny things as a high cash-out limit ($100 can be hard to reach) and availability only for US writers can be definitely reconsidered and as for me, will make this service even better.


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