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First Fribiz Prize Received – Get Free Gift Cards and Free Prizes for Using Fribiz

Making money on the Internet is a lot of fun, especially if you have a pretty popular work from home blog and have a lot of interested people with whom you can talk about Internet business and ways of earning money on the web. I have been working on establishing this weblog for a pretty long time and I just love to try out all possible make money on-line and work from home techniques.

If you still don’t believe that anyone on the Internet can earn cash for free, then will be a great website for your to read on daily basis, so I would highly recommend to visit the pages of this website more often.


In my previous pots and publications I was blogging a lot about quick and easy ways of making money for free. These have been several articles on how to get paid to post on forums (which is a pretty cool technique, I must say), but today I want to extend my list of make money online and get paid to techniques and will write a follow-up article about (it is a paid social network). is not a scam, it is legit - get prizes for free

What is and How To Get Free Stuff?

Several weeks ago I was writing about brand new paid social network that I was testing out. As promised, I am writing about my experience with The whole idea, which stands behind this free Internet auction is pretty simple – you can points for being active on their website and can use these points to bid on items in their free auction. You can check out my review of to find out more about this service. is totally legit and I am pretty happy to have won my first prize with them. I didn’t take a lot of my efforts to get the first prize of mine from them. I have won a “Fingertip USB optical mouse” and it has been already shipped to me. Looks like a pretty handy thing to have. Here is a screen-shot to verify that I have won the prize.

Fingertip USB optical mouse - prize from

It didn’t take me that long to win my first prize, something like a week or less. I didn’t use the website much either, my daily activity (2-3 mins a day) was the key. So now I have got my new mouse that will be shipped to me pretty soon (according to this message).

Fribiz Prize - get free stuff from

Register with and Win Free Prizes

I highly recommend to join Fribiz. It is a pretty cool website to use and know of. They have a lot of new features which help with earning free prizes. If you want to start getting free prizes for being active on, click the banner above and start using this service (they have 10000 point sign up bonus).

Anyways, thanks for reading my blog post. If you want to learn more about earning money from home (new posts about paid to upload websites will be added shortly) subscribe to and you will receive free daily make money on-line updates for free.

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