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Free Opportunity to Make Money Uploading Photos – Review

Making money from home is full of surprises, because sometimes you don’t even expect work at home and earn money online opportunities to be so attractive and profitable. Most of the time earning over the Internet associates with all these web surveys or working part time as a freelancer.

At first I was kind of shocked to find out that it is possible to earn cash from home with your photos. Newbie, amateur and professional photographers can monetize their skills and creativity (if you still don’t know, on the web only creative projects get attention and money, so many webmasters are ready to pay you for your creative ideas and works, which will eventually earn them even more money). When I write “how to get paid for photography work online” I don’t mean all these freelance photoshop jobs (they are pretty cool, but you need special experience for this, but I want to write about opportunities, which are free, don’t require a lot of skill and make you good amounts of cash, it goes without saying). To start off, let me remind you about get paid for photos opportunity at, they offer pretty nice user service, so I think you’d be interested in finding out more.

Now lets get back to the topic of sharing photos on the internet for money, but this time the site I am willing to write about is called Can Stock Photo is one of the largest micro-stock photography agencies in the whole world and they can hook up skilled photographers with some earning capabilities. So if you have some quality photo works of your and would like to earn some good money online, you should consider working with

Get paid for images at

They offer 50% of the money generated by all photo sales and extra of $0.25 (a flat fee) for every subscription sale. You, as a registered photographer, can submit as many images are you have or wish, there are no restrictions for this. In case you want to share a large number of files for money, there are several uploading and sharing tools you can use. Upload photos for the sake of earning money at sounds to be pretty simple. As soon as you have 50$ in your account you will be able to request a cashout to your PayPal account (in case you want to receive payments in form of checks or MoneyBookers payments, you will have to wait until your balance reaches 100 USD).

I don’t think that it is going to be hard to share photos and earn money at They have a pretty nice reputation and high rates, compared to other sites, which offer “get paid for photos” opportunity. I remember writing about other sites, where you can upload your photography works and receive money for downloads and sales. is a pretty nice example for you. Making money by sharing photos is pretty easy, provided you have some skills to base on.

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