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Earn Free Prizes By Participating In Polls – Review

In my Internet blog I am trying to bring quality information about earning cash at home. Recently I have blogged about getting paid for watching video advertsing, writing essays, playing games or even earn using search engines (including But today I have even more interesting news for you – a review of a website, which will give you special prizes (including money, I mean gift cards, which can be considered as such).

This new site is called, and to join you need an invitation (I will be surely glad to send you an invitation email and I will leave my contact info later on). So this program is totally free to join and in order to get a chance to earn with this website, you need to participate in daily surveys, which are completely free and do NOT require you to give away any sort of personal information.

Usually you get to answer easy questions and polls (yesterday I got several points for a poll entitled “Which song describes your state of being”). It is more of an entertaining website, because you can also receive money for playing games and being active on the website every day.

So day after day you will be earning bonus points, which can be redeemed into prizes later on. To describe you the whole situation I will put up a short list of stuff you can do to earn points:

  1. Participate in dailies and earn points just for logging in. You can also participate in various giveaways and games, all free and all for points.
  2. Refer your friends to the website and earn 2 points for every member
  3. As soon as you refer 20 people your points will be doubled and you will receive your free prize – a T-shirt

All in all, there are a lot of people who has already received various prizes from this website (you can head over to Youtube and see for yourself). I can give you an invite for free, so you can start your road to making money online (various gifts I should say) for free.I have just checked and you need to invite something like 50 referrals to get a free Ipod, and it’s totally legit!

To get an invitation, please email me at dunk3r23{at}gmail(dot)com. Good luck and hopefully we can cooperate together soon.


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