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Free Way to Earn Money Writing Reviews for

In the search of free ways to make money, recently I spotted several good websites, which could help us distinguish the best way to earn money from home. On I usually write reviews of all my successes and failures in making money, all these websites are unpredictable, so you can not rely on them.

Anyways, after a long night of research I have some material to write about and today I would love to jot down several ideas on how to write articles for cash. If you are not new to my website, you probably know that there is a full category for such websites and you can check it out by following this link: get paid to write reviews and articles.


Okay, so how do we write articles for money? To cut long story short, there is a whole lost of webmasters, advertisers and news source owners, who are looking forward to buying quality content and if you can put several words together and create articles and opinion based reviews, then you will be able to write reviews for money for sure.

Make money writing stories, reviews and top 10 Lists

I don’t really like to place a lot of theoretical knowledge in my posts, that is why I mainly review websites, because they help us use our knowledge and earn money from home. is a pretty popular Internet news source, which provides information (articles, reviews, how to guides, top 10 lists, answers to the user questions) in such niches as heath, education and technology (please note these categories, if you are passionate about at least one of these, you can start to think about applying to

Free way to make money by writing - BrightHub

With a though of developing their website even more, BrightHub owners are looking for writers and are providing freelance writing jobs. Writers at BrightHub get money not just for creation of content pieces, but also have some editor tasks to accomplish. There is one thing, which attracts me to BrightHub even more, here freelance writers get extra money even for promoting their content (extra $1 for every backlink is added to your account).

Freelance writing opportunities offered at

I wish I could have found out about this paid to write articles opportunity long ago. This website accepts writers from all over the world, this means that content writers can earn money, no matter where they live (they could be paid by PayPal, which is an internationally accepted payment system). Now lets talk about figures, writing hub pays $10 for every accepted article or content piece and also gives the writers 60% of the cash generated by their submissions (also there are extra bonuses for well ranked and high traffic article submissions).

I am not very good at reviewing such websites, so I would much recommend you to check out the site by yourself. I wish I could find some time to apply to this community and start writing reviews for money (this is my favorite free way of earning money). Online content writing jobs nowadays are of high popularity, so this work from home opportunities will definitely find their fans.

If you want to know more about sites, where users are paid to write articles or would like to check out the best ways of making money on the Internet, please subscribe to IncomeBooster. In case you still have questions about writing articles for money online, leave your comments below.


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