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[Expired] How To Earn Money Online With Social Network?

The whole social networking idea has become boring and plain so far. There are thousands of social networks and people are just sick of them. Personally, I prefer to talk to my friends in reality, rather then type a message to them. But in this highly competitive world, where money rule the planet, new ideas of making money online spring up.

Almost everyone knows that if you want to make money online, you need some good content for your website. No one is going to read poor quality content. That’s why has created it’s new system, paid social network.

Unlike Yuwie, where you can cash for your profile, blog views, at you make money being active. Let me just tell more about this one of a kind website.

Make Money On The Internet With

Gather is an Internet community website which gives it’s members a possibility to interact through their articles, podcasts, media files such as videos, photos. Members of this website can check out the content and leave their comments. This is a huge community, where you can find almost all sorts of stuff.


You can run your personal webpage and write your tips too, but don’t think that Gather has a lot of tips from the newbies. Website owners are doing a great job posting articles written by professors and real professionals. You can check out your favorite recipes and stuff on this website.

So Gather can be described as a huge forum, where people discuss almost everything, starting from computers and ending up at food and drinks.

When you use Gather, you earn special points, which can be redeemed for gift cards of your choice.  The big problem of this website is that some desperate people are trying to make a lot of cash with Gather, so they just spam this resource with duplicate or useless content.

After using this program for a while, I’ve made up the Pros and Cons:

Pros of

* ability to make new friends
* wide variety of website members
* incentive program and large variety of gift cards
* the website is free to use
* member and niche groups
* additional point giveaways and promos
* wide range of topics to discuss

Cons of

* there are still some bugs
* too many ads
* self promoters
* useless comments and information

All in all, there are money to be made at It’s a fine website to find out new stuff, especially if you love researches. I have seen some people who really make a lot of cash with this website, maybe they just know what people are searching for.


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