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Get A Chance Of Winning Prizes Online By Playing Charades?

Making money online should be fun. That’s why there are more websites that pay you for participation. Many of them pay you to search their sponsored search engines, some pay you to use their social network, but the newest concept of making money online is – get paid to play games online.

This time I want to tell you about a website which is a mixture of get paid to search and get paid to play website. Which is definitely is a great mixture of offers. This website is called (created my Microsoft Corporation). he main point of this website – get paid to play video charades. First off all, everything seems a bit confusing, but I think I handled it now.

So, what do you need to do to earn prizes?


Ok, is video charade game. When it loads, you will see a girl, who will be giving you clues, like the length of the word, how the word sounds and how many syllables it has. Also MSN search engine is your main clue, because you can search it up. When you search for a right keyword, you get certain amount of points. So the key to winning this game is your charade playing skill.

The site is still fairly new, I don’t know which prizes you can win, but the site looks very good and promising, also it’s owned by Microsoft. I think you will be able to see available to see the prizes when you get enough points, but I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong at this point.

So, is another good way to spend good time online and relax. If you like charades, you will like this interactive website. It is probably legit, but I haven’t come up with anything online, maybe you know more and can help me out.

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