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Get Paid To Blog at Payu2blog – Another Great Way of Monetizing your Internet Diary

Recently I have been writing about getting paid to blog online. Usually I target my posts for the newbie money makers and bloggers, but today I would like to tell you about more advanced ways of earning money online by writing sponsored blog posts.

It is not a big secret that many Internet bloggers are trying to sell their reputation and readership to interested advertisers. It makes perfect sense, because some people take Internet blog wiring seriously, they make up development strategies and try to attract as many readers as possible. Having your own blog or a website is time and money consuming, good hosting account costs somewhere in between 10$ and 40$ a month, if we are talking about DDOS protection and massive traffic.

I don’t know if I ever told you that is not my only blog and I write a lot about technology and webmastering in my other web diaries, so I wanted to make some money of those sites, because I want to rent a better server for all my projects. As for me, selling advertising space is the best way to generate some quick cash from your blog.

Most of the time, if you own a blog with some readers and pretty nice Google PR record (PR2-5), you can earn something in between 20$ and 70$ per sponsored review, which is a custom written article with proper keyword density and 2-3 sponsored links.

Your readers would not be too mad at you, if you write several of these, I hope they would understand, but advertisers would receive good benefit from your sponsored writing, so everyone is satisfied – you get the cash and they have some quality links.

Personally, I have been working ReviewMe and SponsoredReviews, which have pretty nice offers and fast advertising approval. Both sites give you a chance of choosing the advertisers and sent you the money to your PayPal account, which is very handy. So to start with, you can read more about making money with SponsoredReviews, which is my personal favorite so far.

But as I have already told you, I am looking for new websites, which pay you to write blog pots and that is why I have created this post entitled “Get Paid To Blog at Payu2blog – Another Great Way Of Monetizing Your Internet Diary”. Yesterday I have filled in the application form at and still wait for my blog approval (hopefully it works out for me).

In meanwhile, I went to their website, forum and blog and read some stuff about the company. Payu2blog is looking for high traffic and PR blogs, and pay good amounts of cash for every review. You can receive money for writing about “Real Estate, Health, Retail, Medical etc”, so it covers a good deal of blog niches.

Also their official update with the title – “5 more advertising campaigns @ 50$ each” make me think about possible income stream. You can head on to their website and see what it is all about, because I can not actually give you my personal experience, before I test everything out myself (if my blog gets approved, which I hope for).

Anyways, you can subscribe to my blog to receive latest news about making money with blogs and in particular. But for now, you can check out other paid to write websites, which have already paid me, for example Thanks for you attention and I am looking forward to your comments and general blog feedback.


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