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Earning money using your Internet connection is actually a lot of fun, not that long ago I have been writing about various online income opportunities – just look through my latest posts or just think about it – after registration at you can answer simple questions, vote for other people’s answers, invite your friends (referrals) and earn points for doing so.

But now lets talk more about earning money online by completing easy freelance jobs. This concept is pretty old, it was initially started by Amazon (do you remember its Mturk program). The whole point of such websites is that machines can not execute all operations and human factor is very needed here. So you can earn money online by doing some easy tasks – the ones computers don’t have brain for. Checking out the Amazon Mtruk is a great option, if you want to make money with easy data entry, but today I have totally different website to review.

In my post – “Get Paid To Complete Micro (Minute) Freelance Jobs Online – What’s the Fuss?” I expressed my opinion on websites, which give you a change of earning fast cash doing something you already do today. But I didn’t know about the brand new website with the same concept, which is called

Here, like at and you can sign up and compete easy tasks which include:

  • paid social bookmarking
  • stumbling posts for money
  • writing short posts or selling links on your blogs
  • retwitting all possible news for a cash reward
  • and all other possible web2.0 tricks, which could benefit advertisers

The website, as the whole concept is pretty simple – why do you need to waste time looking for advertisers on numerous freelance job boards, when you can log in to their website, check out the quick advertiser list and start doing the jobs right away (no need to wait for the advertiser approval).

As for me, such freelance job boards match newbie freelancers perfectly, because you don’t get actually to work with advertisers in person and you can just gain the valuable experience using

Yesterday I have signed for for this website (it is fairly new and I can see that there are just some forums discussion this Internet income opportunity) and tested the user area myself. So I filled in the registration form and logged in for the first time. To start off, I must say that RapidWorkers’s user area looks pretty friendly and easy to use.

After clicking “Availble Jobs” link I found just 2 tasks available (which could be because of my geographical location – people from US, UK and Canada could always expect a larger variety of high paying offers). The number of available jobs will eventually grow and in several weeks this freelance job board will get more advertisers.

The whole website design looks pretty nice, so I doubt that owners of this project will stop developing the site at this stage (and they have a competition to work with, is the most popular website of this kind nowadays and if you still haven’t heard about it feel free to check out the MicroWorkers free make money opportunity).

But I do like the prices, the rate of $0.20 for a twitter post sounds pretty nice, especially if later on your could do 10 or 20 of these a day. All in all, the website is pretty new and I really hope to see some improvements in the future. The rates sound promising, but the absence of any referral program doesn’t sound good at all.

Thanks for reading my another post about earning money with freelance jobs and I really hope that you can start earning money online after reading my blog posts.


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