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Whenever you are looking for ways to make money online, from time to time you think about something simple, because when someone utters the expression – “I make money online” you think it is something simple and not complicated.

I have been writing about my luck in earning money over the Internet in this blog for several years now and I admit that there are simple ways of earning cash from home. If you think about it, there are tons of Internet sponsors, who will be grateful to find out what you think about their company or service as a potential client and a person, who has never been associated with the company and can only give true information.

I have already been writing about such sites, where you can earn easy money by trying stuff. For example at you can try poker related products and earn easy money. Also there is a 2$ sign up bonus and you only have to complete some several tasks to receive your first money. Well, lets get back to the topic.

In my previous posts concerning making money with get paid to websites I have told you that I have started my way to a stable income income with GPT sites. Telling the truth, I have not yet found something more simple than earn money by registering at sponsors’ websites, trying various products online, visiting random websites or reading emails, which contain all possible press releases and guides to earning even more money from home (well I think that another great way of earning easy money with almost no effort is uploading and sharing media files using all possible free file hosting websites, which include,, and others).

Today I would like to review another website, which can help you in earning money over the Internet by completing sponsored offers or by filling out surveys. DollarClickorSignup is a pretty nice looking get paid to website, which gives you an incredible chance to make money in these simple ways: complete sponsored offers, try advertisers’ products, view paid ads and websites, refer new members to receive 100% referral bonus.

To start off, I would like to state the rules, which are applied at Dollar Click or Signup and must not be broken under any possible circumstances. Unlike other get paid to websites, DCOS does not allow all international members to sign up. Only people from US, Canada, UK and Australia are allowed to join this get paid to website, which is kind of sad for people like me, who currently don’t reside in one of these countries and can not enjoy the possibility of earning money from home by completing sponsored offers.

But those, who don’t live in one of the named countries, you can check out CoolerCash, which is a great website, where anyone all over the world can register in order to make money with GPT.

But lets return to DollarClickorSignup and speak more about its rules and restrictions. After reading the contents of homepage I have found several aspects, which I consider very important.

1. One account per household is one of the most common restrictions, the reason is the IP address, which can not be changed
2. Users should access the website with Firefox or Internet Explorer in order to receive the proper page view.
3. After the registration all members must be active (log in) at least once a month. If you don’t do so, your account will be terminated, which is kind of silly, as for me.
4. Regarding payments, I will write more about it later on, but you should not forget such simple rules, which apply almost to all GPT websites – PayPal accounts should not be shared with other members and you must be at least 18 years old in order to earn money with DCOS.

Apart from this, I think it is very important to mention the 100% referral bonus, which sounds pretty insane for a GPT website. I have not used this one myself yet, so I am looking for your thoughts about DollarClickorSignup and I would really appreciate, if you like your thoughts about this get paid to website in the comment section below.

Every member could make easy money with DollarClickorSignup, especially if you take very low cashout minimum, which is set at 1$ to consideration. Payments will be made with Money Order, Check, GiftCards, or Paypal. Thanks for reading by blog about earning money with free Internet tools and I will try to make up a rating of GPT websites, so my category will change a bit.

For those, who can not earn money with get paid to websites due to geographical restrictions, I would highly recommend checking out my post about earning cash online with file sharing sites, in particular review. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave your comments.

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