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[Expired] Get Paid to Complete Freelance Jobs Online – Review

My blog has proved that in order to start making money on the Internet you don’t need any investment. These days anyone is eligible to complete various task on the Internet and get paid for doing so. But completing stuff on the web is not the only way of generating revenue from home.

Personally, I know some interesting and creative ways of making cash over the web. For example, with paid social network people are able to receive free prizes (including cash prizes, like gift cards) for using this sponsored website (you get points for participating on auctions and for referring new people).

But today I want to give some thoughts about earning cash from home for people, who are just starting up with Internet business and want to get some money to get started fast. Many newbies refer to freelance working jobs in such cases. Well, as a freelancer you can get money for doing various things – creating content, blogging, leaving creative comments or even by posting on public forums (not even mentioning the freelance jobs, which require special skills, just like writing scripts of creating websites). But also you can complete quick Internet jobs and get money for this by using

As far as I remember, the whole idea of making money with micro jobs was made up by website. Basically with websites of this type you get money for doing quick Internet tasks – trying new web services, posting on forums, writing short articles and for doing other stuff.

With anyone can earn money for doing all this. Most of the time you will be getting $0.1-$1 for every paid task you complete (and these usually take up to 3 minutes to do). Technically speaking, this website is pretty similar to Mturk, where people get money to complete data entry tasks (and it is hosted my

How to complete Internet tasks at

Register with MyEasyTask and make money online

Anyways, seems like a nice website to earn some quick money with. Apart from getting money for doing quick online tasks for money, here members also can make cash by referring new users (which is pretty nice, because international members are accepted to participate at MyEasyTask too, so you get $0.2 for referring anyone, who will start using and making money with this micro jobs website).

I see that some people claim that is a scam, but I don’t think that such websites are getting high profits, most of the time they get cash from active members, that’s why they don’t have any reasons to scam you. Also you get $1 just for signing up at MyEasyTask, which is a pretty nice boost for you. Minimum cash-out limit is currently set at 10 dollars, which will take some time to reach, but multiple cashout options make this website pretty good in terms of earning (money will be sent to your PayPal or Egold account, or even by check).

Thanks for reading my blog post on how to make money by completing quick and easy tasks on the Internet. Personally I see some potential in this web service, so I hope to make some good money of it.

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