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[Payment Proof and Updates] Get Paid to Complete Offers and Refer Friends to

After posting entries to this blog, which is connected to earning money from home, I have started to have a feeling. Maybe it based on my experience, but I feel whether the site I am writing about is worth taking look at or not, maybe that is why I have spent so much time trying to explain, why it is so cool to register at and earn money for uploading files.

As for me, it is a killer technique for those, who have a lot of social network friends and have some stuff to share. I know many webmasters, who have luck in spreading their ebooks, free tools or scripts and earning money in the same time. But right now, I don’t want to go in depth with “get paid to upload” niche, but will only recommend you to find out more about this way of making money in your free time and leave me some comments, if you need some help, based on my actual experience.


Today I would like to talk more about the great feeling, the huge earning potential, I had and still have about As far as I can remember, this is my third post regarding this “get paid to complete and survey” website. For those, who are not familiar with CoolerCash, feel free to visit my Cooler Cash website review.

Just to quickly remind you, Cooler Cash dot com is a website, which allows you, after completing the process of account registration, to fill in surveys, try products, complete offers, play poker related games and refer your friends for money. Members from all over the world are free to join and begin with making money. There are no geo-restrictions on the fuctions on the website, but for the amount of offers. It goes without saying, users from Canada, USA and UK tend to have more well paid offers.

What is so special about making money with Cooler Cash?

But if you are an international member and you can willing to make money with this GPT website, all you have to do is to refer new people. The referral bonuses are sky-high and I have received my first payment already. It took them about a week to pay me (which is just superb) and I was paid, without even completing offers. Apart from getting a flat-fee bonus for every member you refer, you will also receive the percentage of the money your referrals earn (5 tier referral program from 18% to 1.5%).

Get paid to complete offers at Cooler Cash

In addition, members are getting money just for signing up (2$ sign up bonus) and a great chance of participating in all possible contests and free giveaways. So far, I can name a great find in the get paid to website world and would really like to continue working with them. The admin seems to be very nice and dedicated to the website and the whole point of earning money with websites of this type. This survey site has been online for over a month right now and we already see payments coming up. Hopefully it will be another one of a kind earner for all world wide web users.

Payment proof from

Don’t forget to check out my payment proof from (it is not much, I have decided to request the money as soon as possible, so I can be one of the first, who got paid) and leave your comments or thoughts regarding earning money with Cooler Cash.

My First Payment From

Thanks for reading, and I think you will find it interesting to find out more about making money with GPT websites and here is a link to a personal guide of mine. I just love the process of making money with Internet surveys. Please subscribe, if you want all news, which are posted to to be emailed to you.


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