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Get Paid To Make New Friends At YouSayToo!

After a long time I have come up with a new money maker! This time I have come up with a website that pays to you socialize. This website is called YouSayToo. For your information I will give you a full information about this program :

What is YouSayToo?

YouSayToo is an ad revenue sharing community that rewards you for socializing. It’s a mixture of a paid to blog, paid to write and paid to communicate website. This awesome mixture can not be beaten! Share stuff you like, get followers, create buzz, upload your games and make new friends – all for cold hard cash!

YouSayToo values its users and gives them 50% of Google AdSense revenue. So if you like to communicate a lot, you would need an Adsense account too.

What could you get paid for at YouSayToo?

  • Get paid to run your own blog or journal (keep the 50% adsense revenue)
  • Share and upload and play games
  • Buzz about your favorite news
  • Socialize and make new friends
  • Refer your new friends

Besides earning with Adsense on YouSayToo you can also make money by referring friends.

So as you see you can earn both for referring your friends and advertisers. You will receive a whopping 50$ signup bonus, plus 8$ for every active referral. All money will be sent via PayPal when you reach 100$.

Conclusion : YouSayToo is a great brand new opportunity you have got to try! No one else is paying money to socialize, so you have got to take this opportunity. Actuall I’m very excited to create a blog on that website and run it there too. So I will try to give you more and more info about that. Good luck and keep up the good work socializing at YouSayToo!

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