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Making money for free is a great opportunity, which is provided to any Internet user. The world wide computer network gives us not just a chance of communicating with other people all over the world, but also to make cash by doing various tasks from our homes by using our computers.

I didn’t become a make money online geek right away, at first I spent days on Internet business forums in the search for a free work from home technique, which suited my personal skills and money needs.

So what am I driving at? Internet forums and discussions boards (not just boards and portals) are some of the best sources for work from home news and advice, I highly recommend to use these. But finding the right forum is not that easy, well, let me show you something.


Paid forum posting as a Way to earn

Did you hear about paid forum posting or so called paid to post forums? Is it not a big secret that major websites and forum communities collect a good amount of money for placing sponsored ads on their websites, in fact there are projects, where admins decide to share their revenues with the members and give them a small amount of money for every forum post. pays money for posting on forums

So here I have a link to a website, which could both help you learn about making money from home and will award your daily activity (users get paid for every new thread, post and even get cash prizes for participating in member contests and forum games). looks like a friendly community of people, who try to earn money for free, they discuss get paid to websites, describe their money-making techniques and get money for their activity.

How to get paid for posting at

As for now, the paid to post rates are as they follow – 1 cent for every new post and 2 cents for every new thread created. Some people do think that using this website is worthless, but let me supply my arguments – this forum is created for make money online newbies and here you can get qualified help and answers to the questions withing “get paid to” niche; something is better than nothing, sometimes I needed e-currency badly and such websites really helped me and finally, after analyzing some of my favorite forum accounts, I have come up with over 15000 posts, which is equal to approximately $225, which I could have used for my website advertising.

Actually, it is up to you whether to use this website or not, I know tons of websites, where you can make money by posting on forums, so no one will be at a loss. All in all, thanks for reading my blog post, I do hope that I got you excited about making money with forums, because forums are not just great sources of wisdom, but also awesome promotional tools for every blogger and webmaster.

Please leave your comments and feedback, maybe thoughts on making money with forum posting and discussion board promotion; subscribing to is also a cool idea for both make money online newbies and experts.

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