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World wide web is full interesting things and opportunities. I dedicated several years of my life to investigation of best ways to make money online. I tested dozens of ways to make money online for free – most of them worked out for me but there are certainly ones, which I like the most (these are my favorite work at home opportunities).

Earning money by writing is probably the easiest way to start generating income online, provided you have at least average writing skills. I worked as a freelance writer and forum poster for over a year now and I can tell that revenue sharing communities and forums are really worth a try. is one of these and let me tell you more about this awesome technology portal.

Ways to earn money on the web with

As it has just been mentioned, is a great resource for technology and lifestyle news. All the articles on the website could be read, rated, commented and discussed on forums. - paid to post forum is a revenue sharing community and here you can make money in two ways:

– Get paid to post on forums (receive money for every new post/thread)
– Do blogging for money (create blog posts from your account and get paid)

The forum administrators on this website reward you with special points for every new post, thread or article posted to your blog. Currently you receive 2 points for every new thread/post, 0.1 points for every reply to threads created by you and 15 points for every new blog post.

Currently the exchange rate is 100 points = 3 USD. Please visit their website to find out more about forum rules and revenue sharing system at

I enjoy using revenue sharing and get paid to post forums because here you can receive cash bonuses just for being an active member of the community. Even though you can’t become rich fast by posting on forums, it is a great way to generate some electronic currency.

In my recent posts I mentioned some proven opportunities to make money with forums, so please check these out too. Also, if you would like to learn more about other ways to make money online for free, subscribe to – it is free and easy to do.

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