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Todays global economy makes earning money on the Internet more and more popular. Personally I prefer home-based jobs over any other, because I am more productive at home and can complete more work in shorter periods of time.

To tell the truth, is not my job or a main revenue stream, it is my vision of Internet money making. I collect the latest free work from home opportunities for myself and write reviews of the best ones, which were found by me.

I do prefer creative ways of earning money, as for me getting paid for sharing links on twitter is pretty profitable, but not as creative as earning money with video blogging.

Recently I spotted a great and creative (which is very important for way) way of making money on the net with your resumes. We all dream of better jobs and from time to time apply to various websites, actually we submit our resumes (we send our free information).

How to make money by sharing your resume?

What owners did – they turned the whole process of finding a job online upside down and now employers pay money to get an access to resumes of skilled workers.

This means, with you can make money with your resume. Here is a process of earning money with ResuMark for simple workers.

ResuMark pays money for sharing resumes

First of all, you have to complete the registration process and upload your resume by using their Resume Assistant. This process shouldn’t take a lot of time (I wish I could try it, but I don’t see any employers from my country). Unlike at freelance job marketplaces, you can find real-world job with no effort an even get money for it.

Second of all, you just have to sit back wait for the advertisers to take action and generate you some decent revenue. Every time an employer accesses your resume, you get $1 to your account.

Additionally, you can enjoy yet another free way of making money – referring friends. For every member’s resume download, a person who uses your partner link to upload a resume, you receive extra $0.5

As for the payments, members at ResuMark have 5 payment options (including PayPal) and the minimum withdrawal limit starts a just 3 dollars, which is equal just to 3 resume downloads. All payments will be completed during a 15-day period, which starts immediately after the cashout request.

Thanks for reading my blog post about getting paid for sharing your resume online. I hope you have something to say or if you are willing to leave your impression about, feel free to use the comment section below.

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