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[Expired] Get Paid To Socialize at (Paid Social Network)

Usually I do a lot of research to get this website running, blogging making money online is a lot of fun, because I check out all the latest work from home and get paid to possibilities and websites (even though there are some scams out there, but still, it is a lot of great possibilities I get to find).

If you have visited blog before, you know that I write about all possible websites, get paid to, paid to upload hosting websites, get paid to play services and even projects, which give us money for being active online, about so called “paid to social networks“.

Recently I have blogger about, which is something like Facebook and Ebay, but for free. You get to communicate with people, earn points, refer your new friends and get chances of receiving free prizes from them. Such website inspired me a lot, so I have decided to look for other sites on this type.

After hours of research, I have spotted one Internet service, it is called and it can supply you with various ways of making money online.

How to make money from home by being active on

Make money online with

As I have already mentioned there are some ways of making money over the Internet by being active on It is a pure paid social network. Here you can earn money in such ways:

  • Be active on, install their toolbar, track your earnings and receive special bonuses for using this plug-in.
  • Earn money by spreading the word about If you have a lot of Facebook and MySpace friends, you can share this website link with them and receive special cash bonuses for this.
  • With active members receive money for referring new active users. Every member, who uses your referral link will add $1 to your account (and there is no minimum cashout limit).
  • Share your referral link, get more exposure and higher chances of receiving referral bonuses. The more people you get you refer, the more cash you will make.
  • Earn money by running free blogs and posting your thoughts. You can forget about using free blog hosting services, is the website, which will give you money for your activity and your daily posting. (this service is pretty nice, but if you want to make more money by posting articles, you can check out all possible freelance networks and paid to write websites) looks like a pretty nice website, people seem to be loving this one. Right now they offer AlertPay payments (as far as I have understood), but there is no payout limit, which is pretty nice, so you can surely try this one. Also PayMeSocial gives us awesome recommendations on how to promote referral links and how to make more cash from home.

Anyways, thanks for reading my post on how to make money with social network. I will be writing more about revenue sharing websites in the future, so if you want to know more about this or about making money from home in general, subscribe to, it’s totally free.

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