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Every day we see more and more new websites, which offer us the ability to earn money online.

Telling the truth, I have tried almost every possible way to make money from home, and I must say that the Internet is the easiest &  most convenient way to make an income that I have come across.

In my previous posts I have been writing about making money by various means – by running a blog, using paid social websites or even by uploading and sharing media files, but my favorite method of earning easy money is with get paid to websites. If you don’t know what GPT stands for, then I will give you some facts about earning money by completing offers online.

GPT stands for get paid to.  What does this mean to you?  Websites will pay you to complete offers for money. GPT websites partner up with Advertisers,   This is to ensure that they can supply you with a larger variety of offers to make money with.


I know that more and more people are going online to try to make money.  These people are finding that they can get paid for something we already do on daily basis. If you think about it, you have signed up with a survey website to leave your product feedback or submitted your email in order to enter the free prize drawing at least once this month, right? So get paid to websites pay you for such work.  So to help you out, I will give you some FREE information about a one of a kind, unique get paid to website, called

(But before you start reading, I would like you to read my guide 1000$ a month by completing offers, which reveals my recommendations to make more money with GPT sites).

What is and how to make money with it? is a brand new get paid to website, (if you have been earning money with GPTs, I must say that CoolerCash is not like other get paid to websites). This website targets all members, but specifically Poker Players.

We all know that many people are making money by playing poker over the Internet, so has combined two methods  to increase the amount of money you can make online.  They also help online poker players to rebuild a busted bankroll.

Don’t worry if you don’t play poker – Cooler Cash is a free website, and anyone can complete their offers – they offer several payout methods.

Lets talk more about registration at Cooler Cash and your first steps to making money with this gpt.

Get paid to complete offers at Cooler Cash

Registering with Cooler Cash

I know that many, who find out about the ability of earning money from home are eager to get started as soon as possible.  first thing that I really like about this website is their world-wide registration policy –  Their registration is only restricted for members of these countries; China, Costa Rica, Israel, Moldova, Poland, Turkey, Colombia, Peru, Lithuania and Vietnam.

Ways of earning with CoolerCash and referral system

Earning money by filling in surveys and completing offers is a lot of fun, especially when you have the needed experience and know where and how to start. Cooler Cash administrator has done a get job in putting up the how to start up guide on how to make money with CoolerCash. The guide is pretty straight forward and reveals all possible techniques of getting easy money using this website.

But I would like to concentrate on describing the referral program, which I find extremely attractive and I feel like it has huge earning potential for YOU! As a member of Cooler Cash you will be able to refer (invite) your friends to join this website and you will earn together. Every new member registration will add money to your account. The 4-tier (four level) referral program will give you a great income boost, believe me!

1st level referrals will give you an initial bonus of 0.5$ and 10% of their lifetime earnings.
2nd level referrals will still pretty well benefit you and for every referral your invited members refer, you get 0.25$ and 5% of their earnings.
3rd level refs is something we don’t usually see at other get paid to websites and you will get 0.1$ for ever third level referral and a bonus of 3.5% of the money they make.
4th level refs will finally give you 1% of the money they make and 0.05$ in instant bonuses for every referred user.

If you think about it, lets imagine that you refer 10 friends to this fine website and every of them will manage to earn 10$ in their first month. Just in 1st level bonuses you will receive 15$, but if they go on referring new people, who will eventually complete offers and earn money, you will end up having an automatic income system, which could be set up no time at all.

Make Money Online with CoolerCash

Promos, User Contests, Payouts and Stuff I Like about Cooler Cash

Maybe I have already told you that Cooler Cash is a get paid to website with a twist, there are several facts, which make me think about this website in such a good way. First of all, a really good person is standing behind this make money online project. I have been talking to the Cooler Cash admin about the possible website development and she is treating this GPT very well, I am amazed with the number of promotion and contest ideas she has and as a conclusion I can say that this work from home website has come to stay for a long while and supply Internet users will a legit way of making money.

As for now, Cooler Cash is paying out on net 30 basis (payments will be made on the 15th of every month), but in several months the payment schedule will be altered a bit and members will be paid twice a month, which is a really good idea for those, who like earning money with GPTs.

The payment system is pretty interesting, because we have so many payment options, so I don’t know where to get started.

Finally, the payout methods and amounts.

  1. Payments via Paypal with a minimum of $2 – still with net 30 payment
  2. Money Orders for USA members only – minimal withdrawal of $10 with a fee of $2.85
  3. For International Money Order minimum cashout limit is set at $20, but $4.85 fee will be applied
  4. Ability to deposit money earned at Cooler Cash to a poker website of your choice:
  5. Deposit to Absolute Poker – $10
  6. Money deposit to Ultimate Bet Poker – with $10 minimum
  7. Cash deposit Carbon Poker – minimal cashout is at $10
  8. Odds Maker Poker – $10 minimum player transfer
  9. Send your money to Poker Nordica – a player transfer of 10$
  10. Deposit to Full Tilt Poker – with min. transfer of $1
  11. Earned money deposit to Poker Stars – deposits starting at $1 (player to player)

Promos and contests are being worked on, but I have heard that referral contest is on its way and I will sure update you on this contest/promo as soon as I get full and detailed information. More information about payouts and contests at

So what I like about Cooler Cash make money online opportunity:

  • Fast and easily attainable payouts is definitely a win
  • Plenty of payout options will find its fans and hopefully members will be excited about working with CoolerCash
  • Most countries accepted – international money makers will be glad to heard this news
  • Even thought the website has just opened up its doors and there are over 1600 offers already
  • Offers available for ALL countries and nationalities
  • Guarantee that our payout is at or above other sites
  • Awesome contests & promos, including the refferal bonuses and percentages
  • Available user support – forum, instant chat with admin and ticket support
  • Awesome online support for members
  • User friendly website and navigation
  • Great referral program (4 tier with % and $ bonuses)
  • Play poker with $ at 1:1 conversion rate

As you can see, the world wide Internet networks gives us an awesome opportunity of making money online. Cooler Cash is a good website for those who want to earn money by filling in surveys, completing offers and even visiting a sponsored website or two. The paid to watch (PTW) offers are being added right now and you can easily make money by viewing advertisers’ websites.

The world-wide registration, which is opened to almost every country makes this website extremely attractive. I am betting that Cooler Cash will help you make easy money by completing offers or referring your friends.


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