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Uploading and sharing files on the Internet as a means of making money for free recently has been gaining new popularity. Personally, I love earning money with paid to upload websites, because it is fast, easy and profitable.

I am not telling that I make thousands of dollars per month by uploading files, but still I earn some money by spending several minutes per day uploading my favorite files (music, video, documents, e-books and so on). If you are interested in such earning technique, take a look at my paid to upload earnings, my previous post was about my success with

As you can see, it is possible to make money uploading files for free. Today I would like to offer you a review of an alternative paid to upload website, which is called I have found out about this service several month ago, but I have just got time to review it today. is an official affiliate program site of

How to make money with is a free document sharing service, which could be used for uploading and storing files up to 5 GB (this is a superb offer, I have not seen any paid to upload site to offer such a capacity, except DuckLoad, where you can upload files up to 15GB, check out my review for more info). - get paid to upload and share files

With the help of Content-Cooperation’s paid to upload affiliate program you will be able to earn money in several ways. First of all, you will get a possibility to get paid for uploading files and sharing download links (site owners receive up to 75% of the money made by downloads from their sites; if you don’t have a site you can get 50% of the money generated by downloads and finally you can get money only by uploading documents, but the revenue-cut of yours will be only 25%).

Other earning opportunities include – money for promoting content, which is available for download at, allowing posters use your website for sharing their links, generating additional money, if your links generate premium account sales at

Additionally, all members at are eligible to earn money by referring new members – by participating on the referral program you can get 10% of the money made by people, who use your ref link to register on this paid to upload website. sounds like a superb way to get paid to upload, they pay via various systems, including PayPal, AlertPay, Epese and Webmoney. I do hope that you liked this post about making money online for free, feel free to leave your questions and subscribe to my free money feed.

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