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[Expired] Get Paid to Upload Videos, Photos and Documents at is meant to be a free blog about ways to make money online for free. Most of the posts here are based on my personal experience or are a result of my daily investigation. I review new and established websites, which allow users to make money from home.

Some of my previous posts revealed a pretty nice concept of making money for free – get paid to upload technique. Actually, it is one of my favorite money-making possibilities, so I spend a lot of time looking for good data hosting services. I did find lots of good ones, but new paid to upload sites keep coming and I can not keep back from reviewing it.

How to earn money at is one of the newest data hosting services, which offers a great variety of services, including the possibility to get money for downloads. Being a member of PyramidFiles you can upload and store files up to 2048 MB (such file upload services as remote url upload, torrent leech and free url leech are included).

Speaking of the earning possibilities, at PyramidFiles you can get money whenever your files are downloaded (so the better you promote your download links, the more money you can make with your files). Depending on the source of your traffic (the country of the downloader) and the size of your files, you can receive up to $40 per 1000 downloads. Additional earnings could be generated by means of participation in their referral program (you have a chance to receive 25% of the money made by your referrals). - get paid to upload videos and documents

I do understand that is a pretty new site for earning money by uploading, but if we compare it to any established paid to upload site, we will see how far behind this site is. I don’t want to make it a critical review, but PyramidFiles owners have to work on their site a lot.

They do offer a lot of money for every thousand downloads, but there are no payment proofs from this site yet and I don’t even know if they are paying. This site is pretty new and they don’t have a superb design, but I have high hopes for this one. Hopefully they will change for better and will provide good earning possibilities. Another drawback that I have found on this site is the absence of any information about their supported payout systems.

All in all, lets see how PyramidFiles will develop in the nearest future and we will see how good of a make money online opportunity they are. Thanks for reading, feel free to comment, subscribe and don’t forget to bookmark this blog about making money online for free.


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