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Get Paid to Use Social Networks – Positive Vs. Negative

Myspace, Facebook, Facebox, Bebo – all of us use these, don’t we?

Yes we do communicate with our buddies using this websites, but could you imagine how much money these sites make a day? I think it’s a lot of money, so why don’t we get paid for something we are already doing?

There are some websites like ones listed above, which actually award their members with cool prizes just for their activity on the website (don’t think I’m crazy, they actually do). These ones are based on a performance incentive (the more you work/use it, the more money you make). Also they give you cool prizes if you spread the word and refer your friends to these programs (which is very cool, now you can monetize your friends 🙂 )

Get paid to use social networks category shows you all possible ways of making money with social networks, as well as websites you can use for cold hard cash.


Communicate + have fun = make money

That was a short review of a category on this make money online blog, but you know this this world crisis thing going on, it’s hard not just to find a legit way of earning money, but also an opportunity (a website), where you can earn money and apply the method.

So if you visit the category – there are not that many websites you can register at and actually earn – many of them have some hidden clues. Let me just give you some examples, or you can call it pros and cons of earning money with social websites.

Positive things about paid to communicate websites:

– You get to earn good money, no matter what you do
– Usually you can invite new people and earn money of them
– Most of the time it’s a lot of fun, trust me
– It’s a great alternative to free websites, where you can earn
– Some websites don’t pay with cash, but you won’t mind getting prizes and free stuff

What is to be considered before earning with such websites:

– You don’t usually get cash, but points, like at– Some of such sites aren’t even social networks, just a place to earn – example– In order to make good money, you need to invite a lot of friends (referrals) or be EXTREMELY active
– Many of them just have too much functions for users
Paid social network YouSayToo united a blogging platform and a social network – not good
– Not all of these are legit and have some TOS on withgrawing money

So, you can start making money with many of these websites, but you’ve got to think twice if you want to. There are a lot of fun things you can do online to get paid, just browse my categories and you’ll see!

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