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After running this blog for such a long period of time, I can clearly see how trends in making money from home change. When I first started earning cash from home, it is all about free paid surveys and various get paid to websites (here I mention just free ways of making money online, those, who had websites that time, were making good money by publishing content and monetizing it with Google Adsense).

Well, now I see that Internet users and bloggers have more luck in earning money with affiliate networking, contextual advertising, but newbies and those, who have just found out about the miracle of making money from home, successfully work as freelancers – most of the time they write articles and get paid (article writer jobs).

Such way of earning cash from home attracts me a lot and as far as I have been receiving a lot of questions, like “How to write articles for money?” or “Is writing articles and reviews online for money a scam?”. Just want to answer both questions with this post and review one great earning opportunity (for those, who know how to produce good content).

We all know that making money with blogs and content websites requires an actual website, but luckily there is a whole lot of Internet sites, where you can write your own blog for free and get paid for this too. In order to start earning money by expressing your own thoughts and emotions you need to sign up with But lets review some facts about making money with this free Internet service.

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Make money online with adsense revenue sharing directory is a brand new adsense revenue sharing network (article directory), where anyone can become an author, publish interesting material and get money. So how to how to write articles and get paid at Everything is pretty simple, it is a free article directory, this means you can submit your content to there and receive 80% of the money generated by your work (this concept of making money is pretty simple, you can also get paid to write at, but they have a lower revenue sharing percentage, it is 50%, as far as I remember, correct me if I’m wrong).

So basically, is a great Google Adsense revenue sharing network, which rewards you with 80% of the adsense revenue generated by your articles. This way you can post your content (the website is powered by WordPress-like system, so it’s pretty easy to use), don’t worry about the technical part and get money for your work (also there are several contests running in this website, last month or several month ago, there was a SEO contest with the grand prize of $450).

Join Evoire and start making money, it’s a pretty nice service, here posters get paid to write reviews, articles and how to guides, I think it’s a great service for any freelance writer, who is just starting up with earning money from home. If you liked it, check out my other posts about writing articles for cash and if you liked this post, feel free to suggest the points, which I might have missed or subscribe to my free feedburner updates, as far as I will be posting more about getting paid to write articles at home.

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