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Internet business is getting more complex with the days passing. So far I have tried dozens of free ways to earn money from home and I do have two favorite ways to make cash from home – uploading files for money and getting paid to write content.

I did write a lot of posts on how to earn money by uploading and sharing files, so today I want to review one service from my second favorite niche. The website I will show you will help you earn cash by writing reviews and articles and promote your writers profile or personal site/blog.

How to earn by writing with is a content sharing website, which is looking for writers, who will be interested in contributing content to their service. Their site represents an online library of articles, which are sorted by certain categories.

As I have already mentioned, there are two main advantages of this website – you can add links to your articles and promote your personal website and additionally you can get money from your articles. This is a Google Adsense revenue sharing website and all authors are eligible to receive a cut of revenue generated by your articles. - earn money online for free looks like a pretty sophisticated website, they have a good PageRank, which means that your articles will be able to boost your search engine rank, generate some traffic and receive money from it.

All users can receive up to 80% of the money generated by your articles and reviews. Before posting your articles to, please read all the rules and regulations – they are accepting original articles only, the minimum article size is 250 words and you are limited only to adding 5 tags per every entry. is open to users from all over the world, which makes it a great opportunity to any reader of this site. As I have already told you, you will receive 80% of the money made by your articles and the rest (20%) goes to the owners of (I guess they call it processing fees).

Making money by writing articles has a lot of advantages and the main one is the global availability. If you want to earn easy money from home, then try posting some articles at This website will give you an ability to promote your site and earn some easy money via Google Adsense revenue sharing.

Anyways, thanks for reading, I hope you liked this review and if you want to get my other articles to your email address – please subscribe to

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