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Running IncomeBooster blog has been a pure joy for me, before posting any of my articles I do a lot of research, so I find out a lot about make money online websites and get to try and test various work from home and freelance opportunities.

Right now, any Internet user can earn money for doing various tasks online and, as for me, freelance jobs are getting more and more popular these days. Well, if you look at it this way, usually freelancers get money for completing pretty easy work from home (here I don’t mean complex web design or programming jobs for freelancers) – you can get paid to write reviews, use sponsored forums for money or create any other sort of content (and do data entry jobs from home).

In my previous posts I mentioned several websites, where we write articles and reviews for money, but today I want to update you a little bit, as far as two websites of this type have partnered up and allow you to earn even more money from home.

If should already know that with we can write articles, reviews and how-to guides and earn money for doing this. Writing online is not that hard at all, but speaking of the earning potential, here everything gets tricky. In order to make money by creating content at Ehow you need a lot of traffic (your articles should get well ranked in search engines and attract interested readers, but that always takes time, usually too much time).

Write how-to articles for money at

Get Paid To Write Articles at

But we all want to write and earn money faster or receive instant cash bonuses, that’s why has come up with a great solution for freelance writers and content creators. If you are not familiar with this content creation service, feel free to browse their website. But most of the time they deal with hiring and working with professional copy-editors and content writers. Most of the time, you need to be a pretty skilled writer to work with write articles for cash and successfully get paid. But now they are willing to hire you to create how-to articles for

As far as I have understood, in such case you sell your work to DemandStudios (actually they give you money for every how to article you complete and according to their website, article writers here get paid approximately $15 per hour, which is really good, I must say).

With and Ehow offer at DemandStudios you can get paid to write reviews, how-to guides and other articles. Such offer looks pretty nice, so if you want to know more about this site and would like to try yourself as a paid freelance writer, visit and find out how to apply to become an Ehow writer through their website.

Thanks for reading my article about writing articles for cash, I am doing my best to become a better writer and content creator, so I can get such high hourly rates. But if you like my work, please subscribe to and leave your questions, if you still have any.


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