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Great Ways to Generate and Monetize Yahoo Answer’s Traffic

Yahoo Answers is a place where people ask and answer questions online. You will ask, how this tool would give me some traffic and generate some money. Well, you’ve got to be creative in making money online, but here is the example of getting traffic from For instance you own a tech blog where you have some sponsored ads, as well as some affiliate links related to hosting services. So you just go to Yahoo Answers and check for questions related to your topic. You type in “Best Hosting”, press search and you end up on a page full of questions like this:

“Which hosting company is the best?”

“1$ hosting is it worth it?”

“How to pick a reliable host?”

Then, you just open all of those questions, read though them and try to help people while you promote your website. Just write up a cool answer: “Hey, I’ve been using this cool host! Check out it’s review on my blog!”. Something like that will do great for you. You will get approximate 5-10 visits per every question asked, and if your answer is picked as best, expect up to 100 visits per every “Best Answer”.

TIP I: Ask your online buddies to help you withΒ  voting. It wouldn’t hurt them, but it will bring a lot of traffic to your blog, as well as some money!

TIP II: Keep it simple and do not post double answers, because administration is constantly looking for cheaters at Y! Answers, who get a lot of traffic, but answers are just poor. That’s why you have to work on your answer, write some cool stuff.

So here’s all I wanted to tell about making money from Y! Answers traffic. I have started with Answers to promote my sites, and I have to tell, the traffic is easy to get and it is awesome! Users subscribe all the time and leave a lot of comments πŸ™‚ . But I want to make sure, you understand, that spamming this website is not a good idea to get traffic, work for quality, not quantity!


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