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[Expired] Write and Submit Articles to and Make Money Online

Recently I have reminded that I have a bunch of old posts, which contain Internet earning opportunities, which are not that working or popular nowadays, but they still offer you a chance of making cash over the Internet. And as for me, people trust old websites even more, because you can Google for website history and see what the selected make money online opportunity is all about.

I have a great example for you, several days ago I have posted an updated answer to the question “How to earn money by writing with“, because the user, who actually has asked me this question is a pretty good freelance and article writer and he doesn’t want to waste his time on projects, which don’t give him top dollar for his work.

As far as I am not that good at writing niche articles and earning money over the Internet is my hobby, as well as this blog,, which is, so far, an awesome package of articles for those, who are willing to make extra money on the net.

So today I did the same exact thing as last time and will write an updated review of a website, which allows you to post your articles and earn money for doing so.


Ground Report

I don’t really like to edit the material I already have on my blog, so here is the old post about getting paid for you articles at Groundreport: is the news portal which shares 50% of the revenue with it’s staff members (content writers). Members can publish original articles, images, and videos and earn revenue based on the number of views their submissions receive.

Content writers are paid via PayPal upon reaching their payouts limits, which are not that high at all. So it’s like an article submission website, where you can make your article popular and split the revenue whith GR owners.

As far as I has been a long time, since the initial article about GroundReport as been published a lot had changed, so I will give you more tips on earning money with GR. So Ground Report is a “journalism portal”, where Internet users can share expert knowledge, rate each other’s articles and even get money for sharing (publishing) their works.

Registration takes just several minutes and you can actually get yourself an account for free and find out what GroundReport is all about. Telling the truth, it is just another news syndication portal, with the main point – to share and find out something new.

As for me, it is another great chance of promoting your websites with custom written articles (everything like the last time, when I was looking for a place to submit my articles and earn money and in result I found out about

I hope that you understand that you can sign up at, submit your articles, which will be indexed in faster, because of the website popularity.

Also if you do proper keyword research and look after your keyword article density, your submitted article will tend to get ranked well in major search engines.

But apart from good advertising possibilities, you will make money from people visiting, rating and commenting on your articles. So, actually, you can receive double benefit from using Just to remind you, there are more and more people, who are interested in earning money with article writing and paid forum posting, because anyone could produce quality content, which is not that hard.

But various Internet webmasters and blog owners, will be glad to pay you the money for an informative and well written article (with proper interlinking, keyword density and included information).

Even if you won’t be able to extract some benefit of working with online, you can always check out other ways of earning money from home by writing, for example, is hiring new article writers and bloggers and will pay you top dollar for creating unique and attention-grabbing content.

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